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LOTRO How to Get Figments of Splendour

Figments of Splendour are a special kind of currency in LOTRO which allows you to buy many different types of items from exclusive vendors in-game. It also one of those that is account and server-wide, meaning all your characters on one server can acquire and spend from the same pot of Figments. So, let’s look at how to get Figments of Splendour in LOTRO and – maybe even more importantly – where you can spend them!

How Many Figments Do I Have?

You can answer this question in two different ways:

Currency Cap

Just so you know there is a maximum of 10,000 Figments of Splendor Figments that you can hold at any given time.

This currency is account-wide too, so if you’re earning a lot of Figments (say from LOTRO festivals) you may want to go and spend some. This is because any you have earned over the currency cap are lost – forever!

So, always give yourself a buffer. Or look down the current set of rewards and decide what you want to work towards.

How to Get Figments of Splendour

Festivals and Events

Many, although not all, festivals in the LOTRO Events Calendar have what the players call “wrappers”. Here’s an example:

  • Each day you pick up a daily . To complete it you need 10 × event quests. That’s a daily “wrapper” that does not grant Figments.
  • However, when you pick the first daily wrapper up you may get a separate quest that says something akin to this: “Complete the (Daily Wrapper) × 3”. These have different quest names depending on the event, but it is these that may grant Figments of Splendour.

Wrapper Stages

The wrappers themselves often have “stages”. So you might get a:

  • “Basic” wrapper that grants 400 Figments of Splendor
  • an “Advanced” one that grants 500 Figments of Splendor
  • and a “Final” one that gives you 500 Figments of Splendor and a bunch of other stuff too

The Spring Festival example here has a “wrapper of wrappers” called The Splendour of SpringExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). Once you’ve completed the (Intro), (Intermediate) and (Final) wrappers, you receive a ton of extra rewards.

Which Festivals / Events Give Me Figments?

LOTRO Spring Festival Guide - Quests, Seasonal Instances, and the Cosmetics, Mounts, Pets you can earn as rewards!
LOTRO Anniversary Event Guide - Quests, Reward and special LOTRO gifts to the Community.
FibroJedi's LOTRO Midsummer Festival Event - The Great Wedding of Aragorn and Arwen
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I need to check whether Farmers Faire does or does not give you Figments. If you happen to see this at the next Farmers Faire and I still haven’t updated this guide, please let me know.

In short, festivals offer a way to earn huge amounts of Figments of Splendor Figments of Splendour even if your main aim is festival tokens or Virtue XP!

From Motes of Enchantment

Motes of Enchantment (depicted by the Motes of Enchantment icon) were introduced for Mordor content. However, LOTRO gave us non-end-game plebs a way to earn them: deeds. You may also find certain missions grant them also.

Motes of Enchantment Motes, in their own right, can be traded for scalable gear coffers in Bree – and whatever you can get in Mordor (See the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) for the relevant NPCs).

Motes → Figments Exchange

Where Motes of Enchantment Motes are relevant for Figments Figments of Splendor is that they can be exchanged. At relevant barter NPCs (such as Filbert Fig, for example) you can exchange blocks of 1,000 Motes of Enchantment for 1,000 Figments of Splendor.

Buried Treasure Event

LOTRO Buried Treasure Event Cosmetics
During this Event, you can exchange 200 × Buried Treasure Tokens Buried Treasure Tokens for 300 × Motes of Enchantment Motes of Enchantment.


Certain items disenchant to Motes of Enchantment (get your head around that – disenchanting something gives you something enchanted).

As with disenchanting certain cosmetics and decorations to Figments of Splendor Figments (using a Flame of AncalamirExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)), disenchanting certain stat gear can be disenchated to Motes.

Thank the Valar for the Wiki that currently list over 14,500 items that can be disenchantedExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)!


In theory I should have put this in the Motes section, but I wanted to make it a separate header. This is because from the moment you start questing and completing LOTRO Deeds you can earn Motes of Enchantment Motes of Enchantment. And these can be converted to Figments of Splendour.

Which Deeds Give Motes of Enchantment?

In short, you’re looking for those entitled “Deeds of <Region>”. i.e. when you complete all the sub-deeds in any area of Middle-Earth. For example, Deeds of the Shire and Deeds of Bree-land each net you Motes of Enchantment × 300.
LOTRO Shire Deeds Guide and Overview
LOTRO Deeds of Bree-land Guides - clear all Bree Deeds

Hobbit Gifts

Both Gold and Silver Hobbit Gifts have a chance of dropping Figments of Splendour. However, given just how many items are picked from when you open your daily/weekly gift, the odds of this happening are very low. But it can happen.

Anniversary Instance Deeds

I owe such a debt of gratitude to the Wiki, especially when it comes to discovering information about group content. A Flurry of Fireworks was new to the 2022 Anniversary Event. While I completed it many times Solo, I did not do the group version.

It turns out that, once per character you can earn Figments of Splendor Figments of Splendour running that instance:

Short Fuse (Small Fellowship)


  • Anniversary Tokens × 12
  • Medallions × 10
  • Figments of Splendor × 200

View DeedExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)

Short Fuse (Fellowship)


  • Anniversary Tokens × 18
  • Medallions × 20
  • Figments of Splendor × 400

View DeedExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)

Spending Figments of Splendour

The primary place to spend your Figments of Splendour (for many players, amyway) is at Bree boar fountain. But there are multiple vendors.

Rotating Vendors

There are different “types” of vendor in play. One is a team of three “rotating” vendors, one is the occasionally-active Curator and the last type is the Keeper of Mysteries. Let’s look at this a bit deeper.

Rotating Figments of Splendor Cosmetics

No, they don’t do cartwheels or spin around (though that would be cool). But there is always one of these vendors available, but not all at the same time.

Where are They?

Because they are “rotating”, you’ll find them in the same places:

  • Bree
  • Galtrev
  • Skarháld
  • Hulvís
  • Estolad Lân

Filbert Fig

Filbert Fig in Bree

Filbert Fig →

Myrtle Mint

Myrtle Mint in Bree

Myrtle Mint →

Rowan Raspberry

Rowan Raspberry in Bree

Rowan Raspberry →

I cover the items available from these vendors in the What Can You Buy? section.

The Curator

LOTRO Curator - Is the Curator in-game? What cosmetics and mounts does she sell?

Where Is the Curator?

When she is active, she can be found at:

  • Bree
  • Galtrev
  • Skarháld
  • Twenty-First Hall (Moria)

When Is She Active?

The Curator used to be randomly activated by LOTRO whenever they felt it appropriate. But players wanted to know when she was returning. So SSG ended up including her in the LOTRO Events Schedule for each year!

See my page on the Curator in LOTRO, where I try to keep her dates correct.

Keeper of Mysteries

Having been in Lothlórien so long ago and not having realised one was in Minas Tirith, I’d forgotten about the Keeper of Mysteries! Thanks to the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

The Keepers of Mystery sell: Gear/Stat Armour, Essences, Pets and decorations.

What Can You Buy With Figments of Splendour?

The range of items is really huge! And certain items are only available for a limited time on a rotation. Some examples of what you can buy with your Figments:

Outfit Cosmetics

For the rotating vendors, nowadays they tend to keep two sets in stock. When a new outfit set is introduced, the oldest one is added to the Curator’s shop.

Here are my direct links to the cosmetics for each vendor:

Housing Decorations

To anyone who uses my LOTRO guides, you’ll already be aware that I don’t usually feature homestead decorations on my blog. Instead, I support the community efforts and send you to Déco du Milieu. So here are the links to the relevant vendor’s decorations:

Other Items

As this guide is predominantly about Figments of Splendour themselves, rather than listing all the rewards, I’ll just say that you can also barter Figments for:

  • Cosmetic Pets
  • Mounts
  • War-Steed Decorations
  • and, as I mentioned earlier, the Keepers of Mystery also have essences and stat gear, among other things.

TL;DR What Will You Spend Your Figments of Splendour On?

There are so many possible rewards for exchanging your Figments of Splendour! The thing to bear in mind is that we’re never quite sure when the Rotating vendors will change. So if you know you want something they have, go earn your Figments, stat. The Curator is even more elusive, so it’s always best to hold back some Figments for when LOTRO unleash her once more. Have fun in Middle-Earth!

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