Storvâgûn's Spare Shoulderguards
LOTRO Yule Festival Cosmetic

Let's be honest, Storvâgûn's Spare Shoulderguards were probably knuckle-dusters, or finger-warmers. But sarcasm aside, these do wrap around your shoulders, so they don't make you look super broad-shouldered!

Because of that, you may find they work with various clothing items in LOTRO. The screenshot here is from a Dunland chestpice and there's no clipping. That won't apply to all outfit items, of course, but it does mean you have options. Try them out with other Yule Festival Cosmetics →">Yule Festival Cosmetics.

How to Get Storvâgûn's Spare Shoulderguards

You can exchange 10× Festivity Tokens Festivity Tokens from the vendor at Winter-home gate. These can be from any event and you don't have to have faced the Giant in the Seasonal Instances to unlock them.

(Raid) Seasonal Instance

Boss from the Vaults: Storvâgûn is a seasonal instance with a full fellowship. It runs for the duration of Yule Festival.

Storvâgûn's Spare Shoulderguards Information

Items in this Set

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Storvâgûn's Spare Shoulderguards

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