LOTRO Yule Festival Outfit Cosmetics

LOTRO Yule Festival Cosmetics for Outfits - Catalogue of Winter-tide Clothing If you’re trying to work out which cosmetics you want from the Yule Festival then I’ve tried to compile nearly all the outfit pieces available at this event! I’m in the process of re-taking old screenshots and filling in the gaps too, so I hope this helps you. I am now building a full LOTRO Event Cosmetics Database, so stay tuned for other updates!

Note: Most cosmetics are available for normal Yule Festival tokens. But some are for Festivity Tokens, which you can earn by completing the Battle of Frostbluff instance.

Here, you can see the Yule Festival cosmetics organised in different ways. Each group of items is ordered alphabetically to make them easier to search, on larger screens, the name of the item appears over the thumbnail when your cursor is over the image. So let’s dive into the many different looks you can earn by taking part in this Winter-time LOTRO event!

By Gear Slot

I’m aware that some sections are a bit “messy”. This is because of outfits being different dimensions. I will need to retake a bunch of screenshots to neaten it up. I’ll post an update whenever I manage this!

Head Cosmetics

Shoulders Cosmetics

Cloaks and other Back Cosmetics

Upper Body Cosmetics

Lower Body Cosmetics

Shoes and Boots

Cosmetic Weapons & Held Items

Golden Festival Tokens

These cosmetics require Golden Festival Tokens to barter for.

Festivity Tokens Tokens

These outfit items require Festivity Tokens rather than normal event tokens. You can acquire Festivity Tokens during various events, but for Winter-Tide, you will need to run the Battle at Frostbluff instance to earn more.


TL;DR Tons of Yule Festival Cosmetics!

There is no shortage of clothing items for you to outfit your characters during this event! I hope this catalogue of clothing items helps you to find the right look for yours. Remember, this event has three different currencies, so make sure you’re earning the right type for the cosmetics you want. Happy Christmas, Holidays, Winter, Summer, December to you all!

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