Horned Snow-Beast Cloak
LOTRO Yule Festival Cosmetic

Just to show that I don't know everything about LOTRO Events, I was convinced you could get the Spiral-Horned Snow-Beast Cloak with tokens.

But apparently not. What you can get for tokens is a Horned Snow-Beast Cloak.

Confused? Me too.

The Non-Spiral-Horned Version

This costs 50×Yule Festival Token and 1×Golden Festival Token. It's in the category "The More the Merrier" at the vendor.

So How Do You Get the Spiral-Horned Cloak, Then?

It is a random drop from a Sack of PresentsExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

You receive one of these by picking up the auto-bestowed quest Yule Festival (Daily) and completing any festival quest.

That means every day you have a chance of obtaining the cloak - per character.

Is there an Unhooded Cloak?

No. Because then it wouldn't be "horned". And it wouldn't look like a Snow-beast.

In a less-sarcastic way, ha (!), there is no Yule Festival cosmetic with this appearance but without a hood.

Hood of the Cloak

Horned Snow-Beast Cloak Information

  • Festival/Event: Yule Festival
  • Price: 50 × Yule Festival Token Yule Festival Tokens
  • Set Name: The Snow-Beast
  • Gear Slot: Back
  • Category: Cloak

Items in this Set

Horned Snow-Beast Cloak

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