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LOTRO Curator - Cosmetics, Cosmetic Weapons, Pets, Mounts and more for Figments of Splendour

The Curator is a special Figments of Splendour Vendor in Bree (and a few other locations) who does not have set times of being available. She is simply made available for short periods of time whenever LOTRO let her back in to sell her wares. As I cover cosmetics for festivals and events, this post is mostly concerned with Curator Cosmetics – plus I’ll never have that many Figments of Splendour to buy everything! It’s not like accumulating festival tokens! Anyway, let’s have a look at what you can acquire from the Curator, shall we?

Is the Curator Currently Available?

No, the Curator departed on 2nd of November 2022.

The Curator will be returning on 24th December 2022 and departing on the 3rd January 2023!

Where Is the Curator in LOTRO?

  • Bree: by the Boar Fountain
  • Moria: in the Twenty-First Hall
  • Dunland: in Galtrev (as if you had to guess this one!)
  • Ered Mithrin: Skarháld

Curator Cosmetics

There are a total of nine sets you can buy with Figments of Splendor Figments of Splendour, plus a few cloaks that are not from a set.

Forest Defender

Brilliant Forest Defender Set

Golden Forest Defender Set

Grey Mountain Elite

Grey Mountain Elite Set

Grey Mountain Elite (Heavy) Set

I am aware I’m missing the shoulders in this section, I’ll add those very soon!

Grey Mountain Elite (Light) Set

Grey Mountain Stalwart

Grey Mountain Stalwart Set

Grey Mountain Elite (Heavy) Set

Grey Mountain Elite (Light) Set

Slayer’s Raiment Set

Other Curator Cloaks

It is worth noting here, before you spend your hard-earned Figments of Splendor Figments of Splendour, that the Cloaks of the Wise Wanderer and the Hooded Cloak of Roäc are not dyable. So don’t get the unhooded Wise Wanderer cloak because you want to dye it black. Hope this helps!

Cloaks of the Wise Wanderer

Cloak of Roäc

Cloaks of the Dwarf-holds

Cosmetic Weapons

The Curator has a set of very ornate weapons and shields to use as cosmetic weapons for your outfits. Well the axe isn’t that ornate, but the rest are. I use the Replica of Elor on my Guardian when she chooses to hack with a 2-handed sword rather than “Sword and Board”.

Replica of AmarthramFigments of Splendor 1,000
Replica of ElorFigments of Splendor 1,000
Replica of LorcatholFigments of Splendor 1,000
Replica of OrnadarFigments of Splendor 1,000
Replica of FrothskoldFigments of Splendor 1,000
Replica of StórrandFigments of Splendor 2,500
Replica of BaingristFigments of Splendor 2,500

Other Items from the LOTRO Curator

Although the first few pages of the vendor list, the LOTRO Curator sells a bunch of other stuff too!

Housing Decorations

  • Steed Halter
  • Pet Harness
  • High Elf Visitor Property Guard
  • Public Outhouse (niiiiice).
  • Fish Pond
  • Visiting Barber
  • Tabletop Mine Cart Display
  • Alabaster Garden Chair
  • Alabaster Garden Table
  • Corked Bottle
  • Alabaster Planter with Sunflowers
  • Visiting Banker
  • Large Map of Eriador (2nd Edition)
  • Training Dummy Stand

Visit Déco du Milieu for Decorations!

As always, the best place to see decorations for anything is Déco du Milieu. So go here to see those available from the Curator. Or click/tap the shot of their website below.
Preview Decorations from the Curator at Déco du Milieu

Find Out More

To find out more details about the Curator in Bree, head over to LOTRO-Wiki. There you’ll see the full Figments of Splendor Figments of Splendour prices, exchange rate information and their own screenshots of the various items. Do visit over there and show the Wiki some #LOTROfamily love too.

TL;DR And You Wonder Why the LOTRO Curator is always in Demand!

Given the enormous range of items available from the LOTRO Curator, it’s little wonder that people always ask when she’ll be back next. Figments of Splendor Figments of Splendour aren’t easy or quick to farm, so choose your rewards carefully! This is my version one of this post on the Curator, and I will try to make some improvements next time she’s around!

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