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The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins is a series of story-driven missions in LOTRO. Beginning in Rivendell and reaching its climax in the Misty Mountains, your task is to figure out where Bilbo is and ensure his safe return to Imladris. Here’s my guide to getting started, how the story progresses and what rewards you can earn. There are spoilers, but as these have been out a long time, I hope you don’t mind! And I’ve now made most of them skippable too. So let’s get into this fab little story.

What are Missions?

On the off-chance you are new to them LOTRO Missions are Solo (or Duo) quests that scale the difficulty to your level. They grant tokens and, in some cases (though not this one), reputation. There are a few Mission “centres”, such as the one at Trestlebridge for the Wildwood of Bree-land. Others are purely storyline-driven such as this one with Bilbo, and the Further Adventures involving Elladan and Elrohir.
LOTRO How to start the Further Adventures of Elladan and Elrohir Missions

Unlocking these Further Adventures

There are two primary ways of unlocking the Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins:

Become/Remain a VIP

LOTRO Become a VIP Header VIPs (aka Subscribers) have free access to all Missions quests while they remain a VIP. Find Out More →

Buy from the LOTRO Store

Buy The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins from the LOTRO Store Search the in-game LOTRO Store for “Further”, and you’ll see you can buy these Missions from 495 LOTRO Points. Doing so unlocks the story for all characters on all servers for that account. Remember, you can earn LOTRO Points LOTRO Points though Deeds.

Getting Started

Unlike The Further Adventures of Elladan and Elrohir, you do not need to start the story from someone other than the Mission-giver NPC. So, to begin:

Travel to Rivendell

Rivendell Valley when it's nearly dusk. Rivendell can be reached from various Stablemasters including South Bree, all Trollshaws stables and Far-Reaching Stablemasters in housing areas. Hunter Guides and Warden Musters also auto-grant travel here, and (Non-High) Elves can earn the “Return to” as a Racial Trait. You can also buy Return to Rivendell from the LOTRO Store for LOTRO Points 295 LOTRO Points. Failing all that, if you have not yet discovered either the Rivendell or the Last Homely House horse taxis, pay 1 × Mithril Coin and remember to right click the Stablemaster to “discover” it officially once you arrive.

Find Celeblír

Celeblír in Rivendell is both your Quest-giver for the Bilbo Missions and the barter vendor for Tokens of Further Adventure Celeblír is both your Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins quest-giver and the barter vendor for Tokens of Further Adventure Tokens of Further Adventure. He is the same Elf you barter from for Elladan and Elrohir rewards as it’s the same token type. Celeblír is really easy to find, as he’s on the main path from the Stables to the Last Homely House. This is close to the Stablemaster near Elrond’s home.

How These Further Adventures Work

There and Back Again (Many Times!)

With The Further Adventures of Elladan and Elrohir, you had a seamless journey, with the NPCs moving location as you did. With Bilbo’s misadventures, however, there is slight “immersion breaking.” Each quest/mission starts and ends with Celeblír in Rivendell. This means, even if the story would not permit it for continuity, you leave your Mission location briefly and then return to it. While a tad jarring, the story is totally worth this mild annoyance!

Currency Cap

Tokens of Further Adventure Tokens of Further Adventure are server/account-wide. But you can only hold a maximum of 500×Tokens of Further Adventure, so make sure to spend some so you do not lose any!

Story Overview (Spoilers)

If you don’t want to see story spoilers, then skip to Further Adventure Rewards! Each of the following tabs (or sections on smaller devices) represents a chapter number. Very rarely do you need specific guidance on these Missions – though there is one in particular where my hint may help. So, I want to give you a quick overview of each chapter. But I am not the Wiki. The Wiki is the Wiki, so at the end of each tab, I’ve linked you to their page in case you need more specifics.

Chapter 1

Twist: None (there is no combat). Celeblír is concerned that Bilbo Baggins cannot be found. Given his permanent residence in the Last Homely house, however, the most logical assumption is he is somewhere in Rivendell Valley. The Elf first accosts Elrond, which leads to a hilarious exchange about whether it is a good morning or not!

Asking Around

Once that calms down, Elrond suggests you ask others around the valley to see if they have seen Bilbo.
Glorfindel Glorfindel in Rivendell during The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins Chapter 1
Elrohir Elrohir in Rivendell for Chapter 1
Arwen Arwen in Rivendell for Chapter 1
For various reasons, these people have not seen Bilbo, or were not in a position where they would have noticed him.

Return to Elrond

Once you have your news – or rather the lack of it – speak with Elrond again. The Elf-lord wonders if Bilbo sought to catch up with the Fellowship of the Ring. For such a sombre, dark character, I love it when LOTRO put lines in like this:

Our Hobbit may not be in complete control of his feet or his sense of duty.

Chapter 1 on the Wiki →

Chapter 2

Twist: Raging for Bilbo Mission Chapter 2
Celeblír is concerned that Elrond’s suggestion that Bilbo followed the Fellowship was correct. Your Mission is to find and speak to scouts in the Trollshaws to see if any have seen the Hobbit.

Chapter 2 on the Wiki →

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Twist: Crushing
If the scouts have not seen our missing Hobbit or he had chosen to make himself invisible, where could he have gone? An area of the Trollshaws near the High Moors from Chapter 2 is Giant Valley. Celeblír wonders if Bilbo might have strayed into that area. Thankfully he has a big, friendly Giant we can ask, apparently.

Meet Arifael

The Giant Arifael from Chapter 3 This is Celeblír’s friend who, thankfully, is as friendly as you were led to believe.

Meet & Beat

Mendorn discovers you in hiding! This is Mendorn who, unfortunately, is not so friendly. While you thought you were hiding safely, you did not bank on Giants having a great sense of smell! Who knew? Anyway, he decides to prove his superior strength by trying to crush something “tiny”. That’s you, by the way.

Beat & Defeat

Mendorn Defeated Once you’ve forced Mendorn to back down in defeat, you too are defeated by the knowledge that you’re still no closer to finding Bilbo.

Chapter 3 on the Wiki →

Chapter 4

Twist: Reinforcements With this Twist, try to interrupt any enemies casting a call, or running away to reduce how much you have to fight.
There are only two ways in and out of Rivendell – towards the North or towards the South. It is looking increasingly likely that Bilbo did not try to follow the Fellowship. Attention then shifts to the North and the Misty Mountains.

Glóin has seen Bilbo!

You enter this instance at Glóin’s (first) camp in the Misty Mountains, which borders Imladris. After speaking with the Dwarf, he tells you that he has seen the missing Hobbit. In the Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins, Chapter 4 - Glóin says he saw the Hobbit that morning. He was about to tell you more when scouts arrive saying a snow-squall is coming. This leads to Glóin mocking his Longbeard friends! Glóin mocks Dwarves for being afraid of a little snow.

Bashing in the Blizzard

This fight is…um, interesting if you have attention-span problems or sight problems. There are seemingly a lot of enemies and visibility is poor, to say the least! The battle takes place in a snow blizzard. I was playing Warden and I am normally intentional in how I play my gambits. But, I admit to keyboard bashing during this fight! Harnthur the Enraged, the main boss fight of the Chapter. I didn’t get a great shot, but the battle is at its climax when Hárnthur, a giant Snow-beast appears along with a huge Grim.

It was a Hoard

Glóin is humbled a little that, after ridiculing his Longbeard friends, they had in fact faced a hoard. Where were we before we were interrupted by a hoard? On the plus side, you can finally talk uninterrupted. Glóin had seen Bilbo, but had presumed the Hobbit had returned to Rivendell. You know that is not the case, which can only mean he had continued deeper into the Misty Mountain. Dun-dun-duuuuun.

Chapter 4 on the Wiki →

Chapter 5

LOTRO Twist: Surprise Attack
After talking once again with Celeblír, you set off once more for the Misty Mountains. It’s not the worst immersion-breaking moment, that one is still to come! For a laugh, nothing more. Anyway, he sends you off to find and follow Bilbo’s trail – assuming the snow has left you one to follow anyway.

Follow the Footprints

Finding Bilbo's Tracks in Mission 5 You may find it easier to put floaty-names on to see the tracks in the snow. I had to, even though it was night time when I ran Bilbo’s Chapter 5.

The Goblin Gauntlet

Ambushed by Goblins - as you were forewarned! I think it was after I interacted with the tracks in the snow that a gazillion goblins spawned. Well, we were warned about being ambushed, so we have little excuse! Carve your way through the gauntlet of goblins until you’re free and in the open.

Trial for Truth

The Goblin Warg-Master at the end of Chapter 5 If you expected a boss fight, you’ll have to wait as there isn’t one in this chapter. Mission 5 ends with a Goblin Warg-master who had caught Bilbo Baggins, but has now been stolen from him by other goblins. You’re no longer looking for a lost Hobbit, but a stolen one!

Chapter 5 on the Wiki →

Chapter 6

Twist: Reinforcements
Having been given the name of another goblin who had captured the already-captured Bilbo Baggins, you now set off to find the latest holder of the proverbial hot tater. This chapter is very short and has a surprising element at the end. No, nothing to do with the Twist, either. There are only two key stages this time.

Fight Your Way Through

Goblin strongholds mean fighting in close quarters. Keep an eye out for the casting circle of Goblins calling for reinforcements. Either interrupt them, or defeat them – which is the ultimate (and final) interrupt, really!

Sorrog’s Question

Sorrog Crows-Eye stands at the top after your battles. Bilbo has been stolen from him by…more goblins! He then poses the deal: let him live and he’ll tell you where Bilbo was being taken. What will you choose?

Chapter 6 on the Wiki →

Chapter 7

LOTRO Twist: Gated
With having had it revealed that Bilbo Baggins has, once again, been taken captive in Goblin Town, you need a rescue plan. Sorrog Crows-Eye (if you let him live, I don’t know what happens if you don’t) has told you the key’s whereabouts. I, however, forgot, which leads to world of pain.

Chapter 7 on the Wiki →

Chapter 8

LOTRO Twist: Never-Ending
So, you can finally return to Goblin Town to begin your assault. Expect Goblins, because, well, the clue’s in the name.

Chapter 8 on the Wiki →

Chapter 9

LOTRO Twist: Inspiring Presence
Your quest here finally reaches the entire point of The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins – rescuing him. And there isn’t much to say on Chapter 9.

Rukzot’s Lackeys

Rukzot's Goblin Lackeys - a tad worse for wear. Like every great leader, Rukzot the Vicious viciously sends his lackeys to attack you for him. Deal with them in your usual way.

Rukzot the Vicious

Rukzot the Vicious outside Bilbo's cell What I refuse to spoil for you is how the next few moments pan out. It’s hilarious. Just keep your view panned out so you can see beyond the edge of Bilbo’s cell.

Free Bilbo Baggins!

Bilbo Baggins finally freed from jail during his Further Adventures Hurrah, he’s actually free! Well, he’s out of his cage. You’re not technically free while in Goblin Town. So, the best course of action is to port to Rivendell to speak to Celeblír and then port back to get Bilbo Baggins out. Obviously.

Chapter 9 on the Wiki →

Chapter 10

Twist: Shared Corruption
So Bilbo is out of his cell, meaning the only minor matter remaining is how you get out of Goblin Town. It’s time to escort him out the way you came in. Please read all the speech text in this chapter. LOTRO have been very clever in how they’ve “voiced” Bilbo here and it makes me wish they would invest more in Voice Actors, because this chapter would work so well if they did.

Chapter 10 on the Wiki →

Final Chat With Bilbo Baggins

Once you have completed the Chapter 10 Mission, Celeblír says you should go check in on Bilbo. He can be found in the Hall of Fire in the Last Homely house. This is the first door on the left after you enter Elrond’s home. That dialogue will officially complete these Further Adventures and I’ll let you read through that yourself.
Find Bilbo in the Hall of Fire to complete the Further Adventures

“Back Again” Title Deed

Once you have completed all ten chapters of The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins and have had the final dialog with the Hobbit himself, you complete the related deed. This gives you the following rewards:
  • Title Title: Back Again
  • Tokens of Further Adventure × 30 Tokens of Further Adventure
  • Virtue XP 3,000 Virtue XP

Further Adventure Rewards

As I mentioned before, you can exchange your Tokens of Further Adventure Tokens of Further Adventure with Celeblír. The full list of barter items can be found on the Wiki here

TL;DR – Jump into the Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins!

You won’t regret it. Often in Middle-Earth, it can appear as though the Elves have all the answers. But, as with many other places in The Lord of the Rings Online, you see they also have to investigate matters, come up with ideas and make mistakes. With The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins, SSG have taken a completely plausible reason for the Hobbit to have ended up where he did. A misadventure, really! But these LOTRO Missions are well-written, both in the quest text and the speech bubbles, and full of both threat and humour. Even if none of the Tokens of Further Adventure Token rewards appeal to you, you should run these Further Adventures for the story alone. Enjoy!
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