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Rotating Figments of Splendour Cosmetics

LOTRO Filbert Fig - Cosmetics - Rotating Figments of Splendor Vendor NPC

Filbert Fig is one of the Rotating Figments of Splendour Cosmetics vendors in LOTRO. But as with all the other ones, outfit items are not the only things he sells. Here’s your rundown of Filbert’s wares so you can decide whether you want to pay him a visit or not!

Where Is He?

When active, Filbert Fig can be found in Bree at the Boar Fountain. He is alongside the Motes of Enchantment vendor. He also appears in:

  • Galtrev
  • Skarháld
  • Estolad Lân

Is Filbert Fig in Bree Right Now?

Yes! As of the date of this post, he is. I will try to update this when the Rotating Figments of Splendour Cosmetics NPC changes.

Motes/Figments Exchange

Filbert Fig can exchange your Motes of Enchantment Motes of Enchantment for Figments of Splendor Figments of Splendour at a ratio of 1000:1000. This is not the same as 1:1 despite the mathematical ratio being that! You can only change these in blocks of 1000.

So, if you’ve earned Motes of Enchantment Motes of Enchantment, say, through completing deeds in LOTRO, then you can convert those to Figments of Splendor Figments of Splendour, allowing you to buy more things! Hurrah!

For those of you earning Embers of Enchantment Embers of Enchantment, the same exchange rate is available for those, too.


There are two different sets available from Mr Fig, and two cloaks. I apologise in advance for the repeated use of “dwarf-make”, but it’s not like I have a say in the item names.

Dwarf-Make Set

Argent Dwarf-Make Set

“Argent” is the French word for Silver, so I have to guess that English uses this term somewhere too. The Helm certainly looks more silvery and, as Mithril is “True Silver”, I guess that’s where LOTRO got their inspiration from. Regardless, here’s the Argent set from Filbert Fig.

Argent Dwarf-Make Helm
Figments of Splendor 4,000

Argent Dwarf-Make Shoulder GuardsFigments of Splendor 2,000
Argent Dwarf-Make JacketFigments of Splendor 3,500
Argent Dwarf-Make GlovesFigments of Splendor 2,000
Argent Dwarf-Make BootsFigments of Splendor 2,500

Dwarf-Make Cloaks

Dwarf-Make CloakFigments of Splendor 4,000
Hooded Dwarf-Make CloakFigments of Splendor 4,000

Housing Decorations

Filbert Fig offers a number of Dwarf-centric housing decorations to bring out that inner miner in you!

Aside from the fact:

  1. that I don’t own more than two of them and
  2. LOTRO has no decorations preview UI and
  3. I don’t have a house where these would work

I rarely feature housing decorations on my site. Instead I send you off to Déco du Milieu‘s relevant (English) page instead. Have fun window shopping!

Visit Déco du Milieu →

Other Items Available

As I tend to major on cosmetics, I’ve made that the focus of this post. However you can acquire:

For more details, see the Wiki.

TL;DR See Filbert Fig for All Things Dwarf!

If you love Dwarves, or living like them, then spend your Figments of Splendour with Filbert Fig. With two complete cosmetics outfits, two cloaks and a wide selection of decorations, your hardest choice will be how to spend your maximum Figments of Splendor 10,000 Figments! Remember that other NPCs also appear periodically, like the Curator, Myrtle Mint (post coming soon). Enjoy.

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