FFXIV Immortal Flames Hunting Log Guide

FFXIV Immortal Flames Hunting Log Guide - Flames Grand Company Hunting Log - Rank 1, 2 and 3

Welcome to my FFXIV Immortal Flames Hunting Log Guide, the third and last Grand Company log. As with the others, I decided just to keep it to one page, so that you have all your targets and information in one location for now and for future reference.

For each landscape enemy, I’ve provided information about it, the nearest aetheryte and a map showing approximate locations. All this should help you clear the log as efficiently as possible. Naturally, each also has a mugshot too! So let’s dig in and see which foes the Immortal Flames want you smite.

Where is the Flames Log?

While I gave a fuller explanation over on the Twin Adder Log page, I’m not a fan of copying content from page-to-page. So, in summary:

  • Open your regular hunting log, after you have joined a Grand Company.
  • Look underneath the icons that represent classes/jobs. There you’ll see the crest of the Immortal Flames.
  • It then works similarly to your normal hunting logs. Each rank can be unlocked only after meeting certain conditions.

Enemy Listings

As of January and into February 2024, I’ve begun transferring these targets into their own searchable listings.

It won’t affect the accuracy of this guide, but will mean the enemies below may differ in their layout slightly. I’m working on it as quickly as I am able. Thanks for your patience.

Unlocking Grand Company Log Ranks 2 and 3

In order to rank up in the Immortal Flames, as with all the other Grand Companies, you have to meet certain criteria. Initially, this involves earning and then paying a certain number of Flame Seals Flame Seals. Other ranks involve completing specific GC-related quests and completing your current GC Hunting Log Rank.

So, unlocking log ranks 2 and 3 depends on you reaching a GC rank.

GamerEscapeExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) has a great table showing the requirements of each rank.

Immortal Flames Hunting Log Rank 1

Immortal Flames 01

Immortal Flames 05

Immortal Flames 06

Immortal Flames 07

Immortal Flames 08

Immortal Flames 09

Immortal Flames 10

Rank 1 Dungeon Targets

You’ll find all of these in the same dungeon: Halatali. It’s not in the MSQ, but you can easily unlock it with the quest Hello, HalataliExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

The Doctore is just a normal enemy, but Firemane is the first Boss, and the Thuderclap Guivre is the second Boss.


FFXIV Doctore in HalataliThis hulking dude can be found in HalataliExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). If an enspirited suit of armour could “over-compensate”, the Doctore would totally have nailed that. You may even notice the sword before the armour, to be honest. Just be careful of its AoEs in particular.

Reward: Flame Seals × 266


FFXIV Firemane - the first boss in the Halatali DungeonFiremane is not a lion, unfortunately. It is a huge Fire Sprite and also the first boss inside Halatali.

Reward: Flame Seals × 287

Thunderclap Guivre

FFXIV Thunderclap Guivre | Halatali | Immortal FlamesThe Thunderclap Guivre is the second boss of Halatali and is like a huge Sundrake. Twice during this fight, the pool will light up with lightning and you have to take out all the Lightning Sprites before you can damage the Thunderclap again.

Reward: Flame Seals × 311

Immortal Flames Hunting Log Rank 2

Immortal Flames 11

Immortal Flames 12

Immortal Flames 13

Immortal Flames 17

Immortal Flames 18

Immortal Flames 19

Immortal Flames 20

Rank 2 Dungeon Targets

The dungeon targets for the Immortal Flames Rank 2 are in Cutter’s Cry, an optional dungeon. Well, it rapidily becomes non-optional if you want to progress through the ranks!

How Do You Unlock Cutter’s Cry?

Complete the Level 35 quest Normal Quest Dishonour Before DeathExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab), which starts in Ul’dah. Seek Sibold on the Sapphire Avenue Exchange.


FFXIV Sand Bat (Cutter's Cry Dungeon)Sand Bats are one of the first enemies you see within Cutter’s Cry. Fear not, if you don’t go to them, they will come to you!

Required: 3

Reward: Flame Seals 629

Myrmidon Princess

FFXIV Myrmidon Princess - the First Boss of Cutter's Cry.Picture a princess. Any princess, real or fictional. Now ignore all of that and meet the giant Antling. The Myrmidon Princess is the first boss of Cutter’s Cry. Through the fight she’ll summon underlings to help her.

Reward: Flame Seals 632

Sabotender Desertor

FFXIV Sabotender Desertor (Cutter's Cry Dungeon)The Sabotender Desertor comes hopping and skipping along to share its 1000 Needles with you. If you’re a Blue Mage, feel free to share yours in return!

Required: 2

Reward: Flame Seals 655

Immortal Flames Hunting Log Rank 3

Immortal Flames 21

Immortal Flames 22

Immortal Flames 23

Immortal Flames 24

Immortal Flames 25

Immortal Flames 26

Immortal Flames 27

Rank 3 Dungeon Targets

As with the Twin Adder and Maelstrom Logs, the Immortal Flames Rank 3 targets are in The Wanderer’s PalaceExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) dungeon.


FFXIV Tonberry - The Wanderer's Palace Dungeon

Where: these spawn almost straight away in The Wanderer’s Palace. There are plenty more further in.

Number Required: 8

Reward: Flame Seals 1,506

Corrupted Nymian

FFXIV Corrupted Nymian - the Wanderer's Palace Dungeon

Corrupted Nymians are a kind of Bloated Bogy, a wandering spirit. They’re bright yellow, so not exactly difficult to spot in this dark dungeon!

Number Required: 3

Reward: Flame Seals 1,555

Soldier of Nym

FFXIV Soldier of Nym - the Wanderer's Palace Dungeon

Is it just me, or does it look like these Soldiers of Nym just about to break out into some kind of rap? Just me? Okay, well, the Soldiers are reanimated skeletons of a former civiliation. To find out more, start the Scholar storylineExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) in Limsa Lominsa.

Number Required: 3

Reward: Flame Seals 1,619

Other Grand Company Hunting Logs

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TL;DR Well Done on Completing the Immortal Flames Hunting Log!

There is a lot of traveling involved with the Grand Company logs, so they can feel like a bit of a grind. But at least you unlock flight in Eorzea after the main ARR storyline. As with the other Companies, the Immortal Flames Hunting Logs pit you against the minions of Primals. But Flame Seals are useful for a lot of things as well as to buy gear, so it’s worth your while.

Well done on completing this and, from next week, I’ll be refocusing on the class/job Hunting Log Guides. Have fun in Eorzea and beyond, folks!

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