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FFXIV Amalj'aa Halberdier | Immortal Flames Hunting Log Target

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Your Amalj'aa Halberdier can be found in the very South-East of the Sagolii Desert.

In this unassuming back-of-beyond is a camp of the Lizardfolk, that also includes the Amalj'aa Divinator (Maelstrom Log target) and Amalj'aa Sniper (Twin Adder target).

Most surprisingly, your Immortal Flame Hunting Log Amalj'aa wields a Halberd! I know, right - super sneaky!

FFXIV Fate Amalj'aa Halberdier in FATEs

If you don't fancy going that far South, there are a couple of FATEs. Oh wait, one of those is in the same area, so no laziness for you!

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Amalj'aa Halberdier Location Map

Location Info

  • Approximate Coordinates:
    X:26, Y:35
  • Region/Area:
    Southern Thanalan: Sagolii Desert
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    Southern Thanalan: Forgotten Springs

More on Halberds

Sometimes it's interesting to go beyond just ticking boxes and see the influences of history on games like FF14. I've linked some extra info on, what turned out to be, a pretty brutal weapon: the Halberd. Part Axe, part armour rending knife:

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