Shelfspine Sahagin Location in FFXIV
Grand Company Hunting Log

FFXIV Shelfspine Sahagin | Grand Company Hunting Log Target

The Shelfspine Sahagin now push us towards the more dangerous areas of one the beast tribes. These fishback are gladiator-esque Sahagin, who wield a tridant in the place of a sword.

Shelfspine Location

Your targets are found in the Halfstone portion of Western La Noscea. You'll find them beyond the North and South Tidegates, but before the passage to the Sapsa Spawning Grounds. This is in the same area as the Shelfscale Sahagin needed for the Maelstrom Hunting Log.

Hit Two Fishbacks with One Stone?

If you're onto this level of the Immortal Flames Hunting Log, there's a side-quest that could help you. Normal Quest Culling the HordeExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) from Eilis can be completed for earring quest rewards or up to Gil 5,000 in Allagan Gold pieces.


Relevant Grand Company Logs

Shelfspine Sahagin Location Map

Location Info

  • Approximate Coordinates:
    X:19, Y:22
  • Region/Area:
    Western La Noscea: Halfstone
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    Western La Noscea: Aleport

Hunt With Consideration

Sometimes, with the volume of Solo and solo-able content, it can be easy to forget that FF14 is an MMO. Other players exist in your world too. So please check around you to see if others are hunting the same targets as you.

There are at last double the number of Shelfspine Sahagin than you need. This is true, even if another player is hunting or questing here.

Be considerate of other players - this area has FATEs and Sahagin Tribal Quests. Also, the Main Scenario Quest MSQ passes through here during the Leviathan questline.

Other Hunting Log Targets in the Area

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