FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove - the Hunt for Genesis

FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove 2024 - the Hunt for Genesis | How to get Irregular Tomestones of Genesis

The first FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove of 2024 has been unveiled! We’ll also notice that The Hunt for Genesis is a bit different to what we’re used to. As endgame players of Final Fantasy 14 wait for DawnTrail, the Moogle Tomestone Event provides distraction and reward in equal measure. So let’s see what this one is all about and how we go about earning the new Irregular Tomestones of Genesis!

When is the 2024 Hunt for Genesis?

From Tuesday 30th January at 8am GMT (7pm AEDT), to Monday 11th March at 14:59 (GMT)/12th March 2024 at 1:59am (AEDT)

Irregular Tomestones of Genesis

Moogle Treasure Trove events are rewarded though an Irregular Tomestone system.

This means it’s a separate type of currency to the Tomestones you earn for gear – Poetics, Comedy etc.

These are then traded with Itinerant Moogles for your actual rewards.

Why are they called Genesis?

This event sees you earning Irregular Tomestone of Genesis Irregular Tomestones of Genesis. My theory on the name is because EndWalker closed a very long “chapter” in the history of Etheirys. DawnTrail will be starting a completely new thing, hence genesis.

Itinerant Moogles Alert!

Normally, Itinerant Moogles offer rewards from previous Hunts (e.g. the 10th Anniversary Hunt). This means if you have leftover tomestones then you can redeem them even after the event ends.

However, we have to pay a bit more attention this time, due to rewards coming from two sources.

  1. Mogpendium (more on this shortly)
    You cannot claim rewards from the Mogpendium after Patch 7.05
  2. Item exchanges
    (Itinerant Moogle rewards) are only possible until the release of Patch 7.1.

Where are Itinerant Moogles?

  • Gridania: South-East of the main Aetheryte
  • Limsa Lominsa: South-West of the main Atheryte
  • Ul’dah: head South-East from the primary Aetheryte. The Moogle is on the other side of the main street.

Why is this Moogle Tomestone Event Different?

  • It has been classed as the “first” one. There will be a second, as indicated in the Mogpendium.
  • The activities you can do to earn the Irregular Tomestone of Genesis Irregular Tomestones of Genesis are broader.
  • From the official pageExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) it could include FATEs, Grand Company Hunts, Ocean Fishing, Treasure Hunting and more.
  • You can also earn Moogle Tomestones through GATEs (the FATE equivalent in the Gold Saucer). Though I assume a certain level of success is required, which usually rules me out!
  • The qualifying activities change each week.
  • There are four types of objectives.

What is the same?

  • You still can’t earn the tomestones via Duty Support, Squadrons or Trust. This is a shame. I don’t see why they can’t given it actually would earn them slower than via player-run groups.
  • Bodiless Moogles still indicate qualifying duties in Duty Finder.
    A Moogle Head shows duties that grant Irregular Tomestones. Nice. (This is just for illustration).

If Grand Company Hunts are included, make sure you get the necessary promotion to rise up the FFXIV Grand Company Ranks.

How to Earn Irregular Tomestones of Genesis

The NEW Mogpendium!

For past Moogle Treasure Troves, a list of qualifying duties was published. (Read: dungeons, trials and raids, with some PvP thrown in). Now the qualifying activities can change – cue the Mogpendium.

First up, these screenshots are from the official site. This is because I’m only just getting around to updating this section!

What’s the Mogpendium For?

Now that’s said, here’s what the Mogpendium is all about.

You use this new UI element to do two key things: Find qualifying activities and to claim rewards for completing objectives.

This is important to remember. Your Irregular Tomestone of Genesis Irregular Tomestones of Genesis won’t automatically go into your inventory if they are awarded via the Mogpendium. See Claiming Irregular Tomestones of Genesis.

Completing Objectives

There are various ways to earn those Tomestones in The Hunt for Genesis. They are divided into four groups: Standard, Weekly, Minimog and Ultimog:

Standard Objectives

FFXIV Standard Objectives | Moogle Treasure Trove
  • Can be completed repeatedly.
  • Irregular Tomestones granted on completion.

This is more like other Moogle Treasure Troves. Look in Duty Finder for disembodied Moogle heads for this week’s qualifying duties.

Both Ocean Fishing and GATEs also fall under Standard Objectives.

You must score 1200 in Ocean Fishing to get tomestones.

Weekly Objectives

FFXIV Weekly Objectives | Moogle Treasure Trove
  • Can be completed…once a week. No way!
  • You will be assigned a specific objective from Standard Objectives.
  • Complete this for bonus Irregular Tomestone of Genesis Irregular Tomestones of Genesis.

Confirmed: For a dungeon standard objective, I received the regular reward for completing the standard objective (in my case 3×Irregular Tomestone of Genesis) as well as this weekly one, making a total of 23×Irregular Tomestone of Genesis for one dungeon run. Not bad, all told!

These change at 8am GMT (7pm AEDT).

Minimog Challenges

FFXIV Minimog Challenges | Moogle Treasure Trove
  • These are also Weekly.
  • You must complete one of the two objectives to get your Irregular Tomestones.
  • From the teaser page, it could be almost anything else in-game: FATEs, Hunts, Fishing, Triple Triad. Who knows what else?

New to Triple Triad? So was I at this event (despite having collected cards for ages!). There are many guides to playing TT. The one I found the clearest is by TheGamer.comExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

I’m already loving the variety!

Ultimog Challenge

FFXIV Ultimog Challenges | Moogle Treasure Trove
  • You can complete this Once per Event Period.
  • Complete the “special tasks” for a “sizable” tomestone reward.

For the First Hunt for Genesis, the Ultimog Challenge is scoring 8000 Points in one Ocean Fishing Trip.

Good luck!

Which GATEs Count for Irregular Tomestones?

To find out which GATEs you can complete, head to Standard Objectives and scroll to GATE. Clicking that will give you a list of qualifying GATEs.

This was the way I earned by first 7×Irregular Tomestone of Genesis Tomestones of Genesis on my L50 character.

How Tomestones are Awarded from GATEs

Most GATEs in the Gold Saucer have degrees of success. Or, from my experience, degrees of failure! That affects the amount of MGP MGP you are awarded.

One of my FFXIV Miqo'te at the end of one of the Leap of Faith GATEs.

The Genesis Tomestones follow the same pattern. The more successful you are (or the less you fail), the more tomes you get.

A Leap of Faith

You can get maximum Irregular Tomestone of Genesis Irregular Tomestones from Leap of Faith GATEs by only retrieving bronze Cactuar and completing the course.

I haven’t tested not getting all the bronze ones, though. Just focus on completing the course if (like me) you suck at getting the silver and gold Cactuar!

How to Do This Hunt on Low Level Characters

I initially thought that the Hunt for Genesis would be great for players of almost all levels. I was partially right!

Unlocking the Gold Saucer

Firstly you do need Airship Access, which is granted as part of the Level 15 “Envoy” Main Scenario Quest MSQ questlines. Secondly you must do unlock quest Normal Quest It Could Happen to YouExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

That unlocks a special Gold Saucer destination at the Airship Ticketer (Free from Ul’dah, but not a free return ticket).

How to Earn Irregular Tomestones for New Players

Your options are limited until Level 35. I’ll explain why in a second:

  1. Ocean Fishing:
    Assuming you have the Fishing job, pick up the quest All the Fish in the SeaExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) to unlock Ocean Fishing. Next time a ship is ready to depart you can do that part to earn tomestones. Ocean Fishing is a Standard Objective so can be completed any time a full boat can be made up.
  2. Gold Saucer GATEs:
    Like FATEs, GATEs spawn all the time in the Gold Saucer. Find out which GATEs count here.
  3. Minimog: In week 1, at least, there were two Minimogs and one suited lower-level characters or newer players (playing a relatively easy game of Triple Triad). Check both objective
  4. Dungeons from Level 35:
    The lowest-level dungeon that grants Irregular Tomestone of Genesis Irregular Tomestones of Genesis is The Sunken Temple of QarnExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) at Level 35. So you can reach this level then use dungeons to earn 3×Irregular Tomestone of Genesis per completion.
    → You could also use this method to earn the tomes slowly and level alternate jobs.

Why Is My Mogpendium Filled With Question Marks???

Because you have not yet unlocked that duty. The Mogpendium will also tell you how to unlock it.

Using Dungeons for Levelling and Tomes

If you’re a low-ish level, then the Gold Saucer and lower-level dungeons are your main ways. The early dungeons can be unlocked at the following levels:

Current Challenges

Due to my being in the UK, I cannot get this updated at 8am, the “swap over” time. I’ll do it when time and my pain meds let me. But it will be on that day – hopefully!


The Ultimog stays in place for the whole of the First Hunt. It is

  • Score at least 8,000 points at Ocean Fishing.

Week 2 (up to 13th February 2024)

  • Weekly: See Note Below!
  • Minimog:
    • The Hunt: Complete 1 × Elite Mark Bill, or
    • Treasure Hunt: Decipher a Timeworn Toadskin MapExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) and collect the Treasure.

Week 1 (up to 6th February 2024)

  • Weekly Objective:
  • Minimog:
    • 5 × FATEs in Lakeland or Kholusia (Level 70+)
    • Win a game of Triple Triad against Fufulupa (Horizon, Western Thanalan)

Weekly Differs Character-to-Character

Having just checked a number of my characters, I have noticed that the Weekly Challenge can vary between characters. Annoyingly so – given my L60 has a L80 objective and my L90 has a L35 objective there!

However, so far as I can see, the Minimog is identical between characters and servers.

What I Think to the New Approach

In the past, I had to decide not to engage in a Moogle Event completely if I was not high enough in level. Now I’m L90 I can do all the things. But it’s not true of all my characters.

Having a wider variety of ways to earn the tomestones will particularly benefit newer players. And I am always in favour of that. A Tomestone event shouldn’t just be a “time sink to keep endgamers busy”. It should give players of all ranges rewards they cannot yet earn another way – or are actually much harder work to do so!

I’m looking forward to seeing how this works in practice!

Claiming Irregular Tomestones of Genesis

As I already said, some Standard Objectives will automatically give your your Tomestones.

But, for a lot of things, you need to claim your reward. To do this, go into your Mogpendium, find completed objectives and hit the Claim Rewards button.

How to claim rewards from the Mogpendium during the Moogle Treasure Trove - The Hunt for Genesis

→ tomestones must be claimed from the Mogpendium by Patch 7.05
→ Tomestones must be exchanged by Patch 7.1

Tomestones of Genesis Rewards

Remember this is the First Hunt for Genesis. That means you don’t need to spend them all before the Second Hunt begins. That said, I expect these rewards will not be available after this First Hunt Ends.

Some of these items I have – or can get screenshots of. I will add those ASAP for yous.

Outfit Glamours

If you like the metallic Allagan look then this is the Hunt for you. Or if you like a little choker with a dog’s head over your throat, then go for it!

Note: the names of the Maiming/Striking set now match the correct thumbnail images. Additional races/body shapes may be added at a later date.

  • Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 15(1)
  • Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 15(1)
  • Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 15(1)
  • Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 100
  • (All Classes) – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 30(2)

Ultima Horns

To know the enemy become the Enemy? I’m pretty sure looking like part of the Ultima Weapon wasn’t part of Hydaelyn’s plan. Though maybe Nero’s wasn’t far off…

Late Allagan Armor of Maiming

Late Allagan Armor of Striking

Late Allagan Armor of Fending

More races will be added after the weekend (there’s been a lot to make for yous!).

Mameshiba Neckerchief

I may or may not get this item. It’s a lot of Tomestones and it’s not the sort of glamour I personally use. But if this is your thing, then no doubt the time investment is perfectly fine for you.

That’s what I like about games such as FFXIV, we don’t all have to do everything to have a good time.

(1) While these are Level 1 glamours, they are still class/job restricted. They can also be obtained for 4000 Wolf Marks each.

(2) The Ultima horns can be exchanged with Bertana in Revenants Toll for 5×Proto Ultima ExoplatingExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). Looking at the methods of obtaining this stuff, it looks like a royal pain in the backside. So if you really want those horns, and some players do, the Moogle Treasure Trove is the least painful method!


Antelope Doe – 50×Irregular Tomestone of Genesis
If you have the patience for it, you can get this mount for a meagre 8,400 Skybuilders’ Scrips! Yeah, I’ll be getting the mount version of the Antelope Doe for Irregular Tomestones of Genesis too.
Thank you to @ScaleCatExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) for their screenshot!
Bomb Palanquin – 30×Irregular Tomestone of Genesis
The Bomb Palanquin Horn can also be obtained for Gil 120,000 from the Kobold vendor once you have reached Trusted standing with the 789th Order tribe.
Legendary Kamuy – 30×Irregular Tomestone of Genesis

Boreas – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 30
This mount can also be obtained through the Akh Afah Ampitheatre (Extreme)External Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) trial.
Dhalmel – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 30
The Dhalmel mount can be obtained via the Kupo of Fortune “scratch card” from the Ishgardian restoration. At least, that’s how I got mine. Is that still a thing?
Rose Lanner – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 30


Griffin Hatchling – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 7

You can also adopt your griffin for a “mere” 400 Centurio Seals (in Ishgard). Seriously, if you want this minion, then the Moogle Tomestone event is far, far quicker!
Little Leannan – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 7

Little Leannan is a possible drop from The Grand CosmosExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab), and can be obtained in Eureka Orthos.
Yukinko Snowflake – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 50

You can also acquire this Irregular Tomestone minion in Eureka Hydatos (See FFXIV CollectExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)). The Hunt for Genesis seems much easier to my untrained eye!


Modern Aesthetics – Modern Legend – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 50

This hairstyle can, per FFXIV CollectExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab), also be obtained for 1,800 Skybuilders’ Scrips through Ishgardian Restoration tasks.

I am showing it here on one of my Miqo’te and will try to get the style on a couple of other races too.

Chocobo Barding

  • Titania Barding – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 50


All these decorations are craftable if you have the right crafting level or know someone that is. They’re also not that many Irregular Tomes of Genesis. So, whichever method you find the most fun – do that!

Back Bar – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 20

Craftable: Yes
Bar Rack – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 20

Craftable: Yes
Pixie Apple Basket – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 20

Craftable: Yes

Triple Triad Cards

Just as an FYI, if you cannot see all these Triple Triad Cards at the Itinerant Moogle, it’s probably because you need to complete some content first. See the bottom of the items listExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). I’m not a fan of repeating verbatim what someone else has written.

  • Deepeye Card – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 10
  • Archaeornis Card – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 10
  • Stormblood Gilgamesh Card – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 7
  • Tiania Card – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 7

Orchestrion Rolls

  • Decisions (Omega) Orchestrion Roll – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 30
  • Twilight over Thanalan Orchestrion Roll – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 30
  • Indomitable Orchestrion Roll – Irregular Tomestone of Genesis 7


More to Come on the Hunt for Genesis!

This is essentially my pre-guide to this Moogle Tomestone Event. I will add other item previews soon. I do own some of these things already so I can help you window-shop ahead of the event starting next week.

TL;DR Something for Everyone for This Moogle Treasure Trove?

If the methods of obtaining the items are as broad as I think, most players should be able to get something! Make the most of your Mogpendium and clear some objectives.

Obtaining those Irregular Tomestones of Genesis should not be too difficult I don’t think. Pick the sort of activities you enjoy and focus on those. That way you stand a better chance of obtaining your target rewards, without feeling like it’s a grind!

I’ll see yous soon in FFXIV!

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