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FFXIV Yo-Kai Watch Event Guide - how to get Yo-Kai minions and weapons | FF14

A new Verminion challenger arrives at the Gold Saucer and causes a stir with his unusual array of minions. In the FFXIV Yo-Kai Watch event you meet him and learn how to obtain these weird beings for your own minion collection.

And, if you play it right, you can earn the exclusive weapon designs for your glamour collection too.

So, let’s take a look at the Yo-Kai event, how to get started and earn those much-needed medals.

When Is the Yo-Kai Event 2024?

The event this year runs until Patch 7.0.

That means you have until the launch of DawnTrail, to catch all the Yo-Kai. While pre-orders of DawnTrail are open, sales of the expansion are currently scheduled for the 4th July 2024.

So it runs until about that date (currently).

What is the Yo-Kai Watch Event in FFXIV?

In short, the aim of the event is to collect unusual minions. In turn, having these minions with you, you can then earn tokens, or medals, for weapons (or rather weapon glamours).

Both the collection of minions and the medals for weapons are obtained by participating in FATEs. I’ll go into more detail on this shortly!

Who Can Play?

The Yo-Kai Watch Event is open to all players of Level 15 and over. However, you must have completed your Main Scenario Quest MSQ’s “Envoy” quest first. You’ll know whether you have, because it’s the first time you board an airship.

The reason you need airship access is because the “unlock story” requires you to visit both Thanalan and the Black Shroud.

What’s a Yo-Kai Anyway?

I had to look this up because I was intrigued. The English rendering of the Japanese term is actually Yōkai, which means “strange apparition”ref. And boy, some of the minions for this event are strange!

But they are supernatural and/or spiritual and can take on various forms – animal and humanoid both.

Check out the linked Wikipedia article above and, more importantly, the resources that links to, if you want to learn more.

Where Do I Start the FFXIV Yo-Kai Watch Event?

1. Event Unlock Quest

To begin, you will need to head to Ul’dah and speak with the Poor-heeled Youth. Not that he looks badly dressed, to be honest. Anyway, he has a major complaint about a recent competitor into the Verminion game at the Gold Saucer.

2. Go to the Gold Saucer

Free Passage available to the Gold Saucer from the City States in FFXIV

You pick up the quest Normal Quest A Complete Game Changer from him.

Once you have spoken to the sore loser, head to Airship Landing for free transportation to the Gold Saucer itself.

Or an Airship from elsewhere or pay for teleportation. Unless the Gold Saucer is your Free Destination or Home Point, or course!

3. Find the Wandering Executive

You are looking for an Au’ri called the Wandering Executive, who you can find near the rewards counter. He’s not difficult to spot, being really tall and having brightly-coloured hair!

4. Complete the “Unlocking Quest”

Before you can embark on your journey to acquire more stuff, you need to complete the story of Normal Quest A Complete Game Changer. It isn’t long and, if you’re new to the event, it kinda answers the question of what the actual heck these critters are.

I’m going to presume you are all clever and can follow instructions – I prefer to assume the best in people first. So, you need no guidance on that quest. Follow the story to its end and you can get cracking.

And pretend O-App-Pesi won’t come asking awkward questions later.

My FF14 Au'ra during the quest 'A Complete Game Changer'

Claim Your Free Minion

Before you leave the Wandering Executive (for the second time), choose his menu option for acquiring minions. You can select any of them for free. The rest you have to earn.

Choose Your First Minion Carefully!

Before you select your first minion, decide which weapon you want the most first. Your first weapon costs fewer medals than every other one after it.

How Many Yo-Kai Minions Are There?

There are a total of 17 Yo-kai Minions for you to collect. Each can lead you to acquire a specific weapon, depending on where your character has quested so far.

You can see a gallery of all these minions below, where I have also matched them with their relevant weapon.

How To Get the Yo-Kai Minions

The first stage in your journey is collecting minions. Doing so is pretty straightforward and really only requires time.

1. Equip Your Yo-Kai Watch

The actual Yo-Kai Watch you receive as part of the unlock quest. Make sure you equip this as gear before setting out.

Upon completing the initial quest from the Wandering Executive, you have a Yo-Kai Watch in your Armoury Chest. Make sure you equip this.

As far as I know, glamouring the item over different wrist slot armour doesn’t work.

2. Run FATEs

With your watch equipped, head out into the world and run FATEs.

If you achieve a silver or gold rating in completing the FATE then you’ll get a Normal Quest Yo-kai Medal.

After the event you can store the Yo-Kai watch in your Armoire for use in outfits. There's no need to put this into your Glamour Dresser.

Last time this ran, my main character acquired all the minions, so here they are. You’ll need to try and remember their names when it comes to weapons.

Note: These Yo-Kai weapons are technically equipment, so have an item level 30. If you’re a lower-level character or class, remember your gear’s weapon level needs to be equal or higher than the Yo-Kai one to use it as a glamour.

I am so glad that /gpose lets you focus on the minion just by clicking them. It makes getting shots so much easier than any other way I’ve tried before!

Weapons I Do and Don’t Have

Although I have all the Yo-Kai minions on one character, the same is not true of the weapons, far from it! The ones I have are linked below. The others show you the minion with the name of their related weapon.

Marauder/Warrior Weapon



Jibanyan’s Weapon

Weapon: Paw of the Crimson Cat

The two flame-shaped tail tips pulse with blue light when the weapon is not sheathed. The same is true of the shaft’s tip.

Gladiator/Paladin Yo-Kai Weapons



Shogunyan’s Weapons

Whisker of the Brave Cat (1H Sword) and Buckler of the Legendary Cat.

The swirls on the sword and the inner circle of the shield pulse with blue light when not sheathed.

Astrologian Yo-Kai Weapon



Somewhat more snake-like than the Great Serpent of Ronka and just as terrifying.

Noko’s Weapon

Globe of the Lucky Snake

Rogue/Ninja Yo-Kai Weapon



Kyubi’s Weapon

Weapon: Twintails of the Flame Fox

Thaumaturge / Black Mage Yo-Kai Weapon



Blizzaria’s Weapon

Staff of the Snow Maiden

The whole snowflake formation gently pulses with light when unsheathed. I was too distracted by it to notice if other bits did too!

Staff of the Snow Maiden (Sheathed)

Conjurer/White Mage Yo-Kai Weapon



Komasan’s Weapon

Cane of the Shrine Guardian

Dark Knight Yo-Kai Weapon



Hovernyan’s Weapon

Fang of the Fearless Cat

Scholar Yo-Kai Weapon



Komajiro’s Weapon

Codex of the Shrine Guardian

Yo-Kai Weapons I Have Not Yet Acquired



Ears of the Moon Rabbit



Weapon: Bow of the White Wisp



Spear of the Spark Serpent

Robonyan F-type


Weapon: Musket of the Metal Cat



Book of the Eerie Mutt

Lord Enma

Lord Enma

Gunblade of the Yo-Kai King

Lord Ananta

Lord Ananta

Rapier of the Serpent Lord
(Red Mage)



Not Zazu, that’s a different creature altogether.

Katana of the King’s Counsel



Glaives of the Dark Princess

Yo-Kai Weapons & Medallium

Finding the Yo-Kai Medallium

The Yo-Kai Medallium is a visual guide to the minions you have collected – and yet to collect. It is also the key to understanding how to obtain the weapons.

You can find it by following this menu order: Duty → Collection.

Pause before FATE-ing

Okay, now there is a little bit of thinking to do here. Not much, but enough to cause a minor headache if you miss a tiny detail. Or like me, accidentally waste time in FATEs.

As I have done. Sooo, hopefully I can help you avoid being like me!

Here’s how to get a Yo-Kai Weapon:

How To Get a Yo-Kai Weapons in FFXIV

  1. Decide which one you like the look of. I have a few here, but there are previews of them all on the official pageExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).
  2. Match that weapon with the minion it relates to (See my reference gallery).
  3. Acquire that minion.
  4. Summon that minion then open your Yo-Kai Medallium
  5. Run FATEs in the listed areas under your minion’s name, in order to acquire Legendary Medals.
  6. Exchange Legendary Medals for weapons.

Match Minion to FATEs

Your Yo-Kai Medallium says which FATE areas to focus on for specific weapons.

When you select your specific Yo-Kai minion in the Medallium, it lists three FATE zones for you.

Head to one of them, or be prepared to cycle through them all for active FATEs.

Double-check Summoned Minion

One of my FFXIV Miqo'te with the Yo-Kai Minion Noko

Make sure you have definitely, absolutely, undeniably summoned the minion for the area you’re in.

Collect Legendary Medals

Legendary Noko Medal drops from a FATE. Note, this is not a guaranteed drop and you may need more FATEs than you do medals.

Completing FATEs in the right regions with the relevant minion gives you a chance of acquiring a Legendary Medal.

Anyone who’s completed the Atma stage of A Relic Reborn will probably be having flashbacks, PTSD fits and the like.

How Much Do Yo-Kai Weapons Cost?

Your first Yo-Kai weapon costs 5 × Legendary Medals. After that, all the others are 10 × Legendary Medals.

Note: Each FATE only has a chance of dropping a Legendary Medal. Be patient with yourself and with others as you work on this, please.

As before, you exchange these with the Wandering Executive in the Gold Saucer.

Why Can’t I Get All the Yo-Kai Weapons?

If your character hasn’t made it through A Realm Reborn, Heavensward and StormBlood, then there will be some weapons you cannot yet acquire.

As StormBlood is part of the Free Trial, all players can get all of the weapons, if you can make progress through all three packs.

That said, the Dancer job is part of ShadowBringers, which is not currently free. However, you can still get the weapon and store it away until you do own that expansion! Or you could just buy the expansion or the whole set up to EndWalker, of course.

HeavensWard FATEs

  • Rapier of the Serpent Lord (Red Mage)
  • Katana of the King’s Council (Samurai)

StormBlood FATEs

  • Gunblade of the Yo-kai King (Gunbreaker)
  • Glaives of the Dark Princess (Dancer)

I Have a Bajillion Yo-Kai Medals Left Over!

Yeah, if you’re going for the weapons – the Legendary Medals – you will rack up tons of Normal Quest Yo-Kai Medals. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, there’s nothing else you can use them for except exchanging them for the minions.

After all, you only need 17 minions × 3 medals (51 in total) to acquire all the minions. Getting one of the weapons, after acquiring all the minions, gave me a surplus of about 20 medals!

Tips for FATEs

This event is a bit crazy. And I get a bit stressed due to the speed groups clear FATEs. So here are some tips to get those Yo-Kai Medals – and hopefully stay sane.

  1. Choose a class that has few channeled abilities:
    You need to be able to hit enemies quickly to avoid being totally out-gunned by other players.
  2. Make the most of AoEs:
    To get a good rating, you need to “tag” as many of the mobs in the FATEs as possible. AoE abilities work well for this purpose.
  3. Go With a Pre-Made Group:
    Your performance in a FATE is judged on your group if you’re in one. Ask to join a group already there, or make your own. It’ll take some pressure from you, letting you enjoy it more.
  4. Remember: There are always more FATEs
    If you don’t get the rating you want in a FATE, stay calm and go again on the next one.
  5. Change Regions (or Time)
    Sometimes, during this event, FATEs are just a mess of players. Switch regions or servers to see if they’re less populated. If not, try a different time.

If You’ve Completed ARR…

Please look out for players who have not completed A Realm Reborn, as they cannot fly between FATEs.

I decided to get just one weapon on a lowbie character to test it out. And it was really difficult, as I usually arrived too late at a FATE. Until higher level characters swooped in (literally) and offered me a ride!

This character is only Level 30 something, so has not earned the Regalia from A Nocturn for Heroes.

That’s how you do it, people. You can be selfless and still fully succeed. It does not have to be a competition, so don’t make it one.

Unlocking the Whisper-Go Mount

Once you’ve been doing the Yo-kai minion collecting a while, you can get access to the Whisper-Go mount.

You don’t have to collect all of them to acquire it either. Here’s my step-by-step on How to Unlock the Whisper-Go Mount in FFXIV.

It’s fairly straightforward, but I didn’t want to make this guide even longer than it already is. Thanks for understanding!

How to Unlock the Whisper-Go Mount in FFXIV / Yo-Kai Watch Event Mount

Yo-Kai Watch Framer’s Kit

The last reward to quickly talk about is the new Yo-Kai Framer’s Kit.

This is a set of elements to fit into your Adventurer Plate designs. As much of the graphics are bright, the framing kit also features bright yellows and golds.

You can see a preview on the right/underneath, though I have blocked out my character’s name, FC name and strapline.

How to Get the Framing Kit

  • Obtain all 17 Yo-kai Minions (and make sure they’re actually in your Minion collection)
  • Purchase the framer’s kit for MGP 20,000


You can see a purely blank one over on ConsoleGamesWikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

TL;DR Add Some Crazy To Your Life with the FFXIV Yo-Kai Watch Event

The Yo-kai Watch event mostly revolves around running FATEs on your own or in groups. Or on your own among groups! Make sure you have your Watch actually equipped to be able to earn Yo-Kai Medals. And ensure you match the Minions with their related weapons if you want their Legendary Medals.

Both the minions and the FATE running are a bit nuts. In the frantic smash-and-grab, be kind to other players as I know you can be. Try not to one-hit FATE bosses if you’re a Blue Mage as it means no one else gets in on the reward. And make sure you, and others, enjoy this event through until DawnTrail is released!

Small Print

All terms, graphics and anything else taken from the game is, of course, rights reserved of Square Enix. Because there’s no way I could have created any of that on my own!

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