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FFXIV Kobold Sidesman - GC Hunting Log Target

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Kobold Sidesmen

Having to target the Kobold Sidesman along with so many other Kobolds is a reminder that the Grand Companies need to work together. They are not just a threat to the Maelstrom. This is why they feature on the Twin Adder Hunting Log and even that of the Immortal Flames.

These ones can be found in Zelma's Run in Upper La Noscea. Two of the Sidesmen are on the...sides, man. (Bad-dum-tss).

They're mostly keeping watch, while one other is patrolling around.

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Kobold Sidesman Location Map

Location Info

  • Approximate Coordinates:
    X:26.7, Y:19.5
  • Region/Area:
    Upper La Noscea: Bronze Lake
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    Upper La Noscea: Camp Bronze Lake

Coordinates Info

One stationary Kobold Sidesman is at X:26.7, Y:19.5 and the other at X:28.9, Y:18.7.

If you take the northern "loop" of Zelma's Run from one stationary Kobold Sidesman to the next, you should find the roaming one.

What's a Sidesman?

I wasn't sure, so I had to check. A sidesman means a party-person (not as in festivity, but in a political sense).

But in the context of the Kobolds, it also means: an assistant to a churchwardenRef. Given that Kobold Missionaries exist, this definition makes the most sense.

It's disturbing how organised these mole-like folk are really.

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