Synthetic Doblyn Location in FFXIV
Hunting Rank 5 Target

FFXIV Synthetic Doblyn - Rank 5 Hunting Log Target

You know, every other Coblyn/Doblyn we've come across in the FFXIV Hunting Logs have been related to natural materials. Oddly, now we're in a mine, we are faced with Synthetic Doblyns. The Crafty Kobolds using their alchemy to make their own freaky army perhaps?

Where are Synthetic Doblyns?

While they are found throughout U'ghomaro Mines (in Outer La Noscea), they are also quite spaced out. I've marked on the maplet all the ones I found today.

For this reason I haven't given actual coordinates as they wouldn't be useful!

Synthetic Doblyn Location Map

Location Info

  • Region/Area:
    Outer La Noscea: U'ghomaro Mines
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    Outer La Noscea: Camp Overlook

How Many Synthetic Doblyns are Required?

Book of Skyfire 1

If you need the Synthetic Doblyns for the ARR Relic development in Book of Skyfire I, you need three of them.

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