FFXIV Make It Rain Campaign 2024

FFXIV Make It Rain Campaign 2024 Guide - Gold Saucer Event FF14

The Make It Rain Campaign is a periodically recurring event in FFXIV with its story and focus being the Gold Saucer. Here I’ll walk you through how to get this year’s rewards but let’s have some fun while we do it, yeah?

What’s the Gold Saucer?

The Gold Saucer is an entertainment complex initially unlocked in Ul’dah (It Could Happen to YouExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)). There you can win tokens (called MGP) by taking part in myriad different activities, competitions and time-limited events called GATEs. MGP can then be traded for a whole host of rewards like cosmetic weapons, glamouring items, orchestrion rolls, minions and mounts. It is open all year round unlike other limited time FFXIV Events. So you can always find relief from questing and saving the world (again!).

How Do I Get There?

Once you’ve completely unlocked access to the Gold Saucer, you can travel there from any of the City States for free. Just select “The Gold Saucer” from the options at Airship Landing.

NB: Travel from the Gold Saucer is not free except to Ul’dah.

Free Passage available to the Gold Saucer from the City States in FFXIV

When is Make it Rain 2024?

This year’s event runs from 15th May (8am GMT) until 31st May 2024 at precisely 2:59pm GMT.


  • During the campaign MGP MGP rewards from the Gold Saucer are increased by 50%.
  • Various rewards may be found at MGP discounted MGP prices at the Campaign Attendant.

    Do ensure you buy them from the Campaign Attendant, as the discounts are not available at the counter vendor.

  • Items exclusively available during previous iterations of the event may also be found at the Campaign Attendant.

Can I Take Part?

If your character is at least Level 15, and has completed your relevant “Envoy” MSQ quest, then you can jump right in! Just to help new players, these quests are:

How Do I Start “Make It Rain”?

Right, head to Ul’dah Aetheryte Plaza and speak with Quevain (not Kippih…). They are standing on the opposite side of the street to the Aetheryte at about X:9.4, Y:9.2.

Normal Quest Of Impish Importance is the quest you pick up from Quevain to get started.

To find Quevain, look for the group of players crowding them and the Itinerant Moogle, because some bright spark thought putting the NPC next to the vendor for the Second Hunt for Genesis was a good idea!

Where Is Quevain?

Also Happening in 2024…

With DawnTrail arriving at the end of June and/or early July, FFXIV have pulled so many events out of the bag before then!

So, in 2024, there is overlap between the following:

  1. Moogle Treasure Trove
  2. FFXIV Yo-Kai Watch Event
  3. …and Make it Rain!

Of Impish Importance

Description and walk-through to follow shortly. We’ve had a really humid, icky day here, so I had to wait until the evening to update guides.

Anyway, as usual, I don’t want to do a whole story write-up as you need to do it to get your rewards anyway. But here are some quick guidance notes!

Stage 1: Discover Who Organised the Event

Back to Ul’dah Back to the Saucer

My main event characters are already in the Gold Saucer, either sorting Yo-Kai weapons or earning Irregular Tomestone of Genesis II Irregular Tomestones of Genesis.

You have to go to Quevain in Ul’dah, even though within seconds he sends you back to the Gold Saucer. Whoopee. Wasn’t there a thing about Airship access being restricted in recent times? It certainly hasn’t affected traffic here!

Find Who Knows Who Organised the Event

Early on, Quevain asks you to find out who knows the person behind the “March of the Imps” event.

The person you’re looking for is the Avid Attendant in Wonder Square, at X:6.9, Y:7.8.

Find the Imposing Imp

Find the Imposing Imp in the 'Of Impish Importance' quest. You'll NEVER guess who THIS is!

You’ll find this super-stealthed imp next to the Godbert Manderville statue (its upstairs, in case you’re a new player), at X:6.1, Y:6.9.

Once you’ve done that stage, then you’re forced you agree to go and encourage patrons of the Gold Saucer while dressed as an imp. Here’s where they are.

Stage 2: Bring Joy/Help to Gold Saucer Patrons

Through psychological tricks of indicating the blatently obvious, the Imposing Imp imposes the wearing of a (thankfully full) set of Imp Attire. You must then go and make Patrons of the Gold Saucer happy – as an imp. Well, a Water-Imp. Not a Trickster Imp and definitely not a Vandalous Imp.

Technically you’re not supposed to use real words, only the imp sounds. I’ve not had the guts to go against this “rule” to find out their reactions.

Anyhow, one of your patrons is upstairs in the Saucer, so here are their locations.

Pitiable Patron

Coordinates: X:6.6, Y:5.2

Demanding Daughter

Coordinates: X:6.6, Y:5.2

Coordinates: X:8.2, Y:5.9

Stage 3: Return to the Entrance Square

Once you’ve brought joy – or tried to – then you’ll need to go back to the Imposing Imp. They will then indicate that you should return to Quevain who is now in the Entrance Square area. The reason for The March of the Imps being held will be explained and Quevain will finally get his story for the Thavnairian Truth.

And you, you can get your Imp costume.

My FFXIV Lalafell in the Imp Outfit Glamour with the Imp Minion (also available from the Gold Saucer for MGP)
My FFXIV Lalafell in the Imp Outfit Glamour with the Imp Minion (also available from the Gold Saucer for MGP)

2024 Event Rewards

As per the official pageExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab), the rewards for 2024 are:

Imp Head & Suit

Cactuar Dining Table

Maybe get the Mammets to deliver the food from the table to your hands? Just don’t get your chair too close to it!

Sorry it took so long to add my own shots of the rewards. There are too many in-game events on at the moment!

Where Do I Get the Cactuar Dining Table? How Do I Get the Senor Sabotender Chronometer?

You get these by speaking to the Campaign Attendant NPC in the Gold Saucer.

  1. Select “Seasonal Event Prizes I”
  2. Switch to the “Others” tab

Both of these housing decoration cost MGP 2,100 MGP.

Where is the Event Vendor? Where are my Discounts, darnit?!

Thank goodness for /gpose letting me hide players (but I kept their minions in!). The Campaign Attendant is here in the main lobby. Many of the usual Gold Saucer rewards are in here, and some are discounted by 30%. So, you can earn 50% more on Gold Saucer events and pay 30% less on some items. Score!

Reminder: these discounts are not available from the usual Prize Claim NPC.

Here are the items on discount:

If these are different during 2024’s event, I’ll update the shots accordingly!

New to the Gold Saucer?

If you are then you can check out nearly everything here. If you’re new to FFXIV – or fairly new – you may not have Chocobo Racing or minions for Lord of Verminion, but the rest should be fine. Tips:

  1. Always Play Mini Cactpot: You cannot lose MGP MGP playing this, as even the lowest prize is larger than the ticket price.
  2. Fashion Report: Make a glamour outfit based on a theme you’re given. There’s a fab FFXIV creator called @KaiyokoStarExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) who always posts the current winning combinations for Fashion Report. Other folks also do this, but I’m just used to hers.
  3. Games/GATEs: As with FATEs, GATEs are games active for a set time. They vary in their style; some are jumping games, others test your reactions, or your ability to shoot targets. There are others.
  4. Mini Games: Between GATEs, there are various mini-games that only cost a tiny amount of MGP and should, in theory, always be profitable.

Other Games

There is also Chocobo Racing and Lord of Verminion. I suck at racing and don’t really understand Minion battles, so don’t ask me for advice on those!

If you prefer something more relaxed, then you can learn Doman Mahjong. The card game Triple Triad can be played outside the Gold Saucer with marked NPCs or other players in designated locations.

TL;DR Enjoy Another Pre-DawnTrail Distraction with the FFXIV Make It Rain Campaign

Previous events have had weird outfits…bunnies and chickens for example. Now you can be an imp – or duck. The Chronometer decoration looks pretty neat but the dining table appears somewhat deadly!

Thankfully, I play these things for fun and relaxation. So grab your rewards and discounts, and maybe see if you want any Gold Saucer rewards while MGP MGP earnings are increased.

Have fun and I’ll see you at more FFXIV Events another time!

Psst: don’t forget to check the official siteExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) too.

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