FFXIV Make It Rain Campaign
Seasonal Event: 2022 Edition

FFXIV Make It Rain Campaign 2022 - Seasonal Event

The Make It Rain Campaign is a periodically recurring event in FFXIV with its story and focus being the Gold Saucer. Here I’ll walk you through how to get this year’s rewards but let’s have some fun while we do it, yeah?

What’s the Gold Saucer?

The Gold Saucer is an entertainment complex initially unlocked in Ul’dah (QUEST NAME AND LINK). There you can win tokens (called MGP) by taking part in myriad different activities, competitions and time-limited events called GATEs. MGP can then be traded for a whole host of rewards like cosmetic weapons, glamouring items, orchestrion rolls, minions and mounts. It is open all year round unlike other limited time FFXIV Events. So you can always find relief from questing and saving the world (again!).

How Do I Get There?

Once you’ve completely unlocked access to the Gold Saucer, you can travel there from any of the City States for free. Just select “The Gold Saucer” from the options at Airship Landing.
Free Passage available to the Gold Saucer from the City States in FFXIV

When is Make it Rain 2022?

This year’s event runs from 3rd June (8am GMT) until 20th June at precisely 2:59pm GMT.

Find the end date/time in your timezone here.


  • During the campaign MGP rewards from the Gold Saucer are increased by 50%.
  • Various rewards may be found at discounted MGP prices at the Campaign Attendant
    Do ensure you buy them from the Campaign Attendant, as the discounts are not available at the counter vendor.
  • Items exclusively available during previous iterations of the event may also be found at the Campaign Attendant.

Can I Take Part?

If your character is at least Level 15, and has completed your relevant “Envoy” MSQ quest, then you can jump right in! Just to help new players, these quests are:

How Do I Start “Make It Rain”?

Ollier - the Quest-Giver for A Prickly PlaintIf you sing really badly, you can make it rain that way, or so I’ve heard. Oh sorry, you mean the event!

Right, head to Ul’dah Aetheryte Plaza and speak with Ollier. He is standing on the opposite side of the street to the Aetheryte at about X:9.4, Y:9.2.

A Prickly Plaint is the quest you pick up from Ollier to get started.

The 2022 Make It Rain Story

If you want to experience this for yourself without reading it, then you may just want to skip to the Rewards section!

Still here, okiday. Here’s a summary as the story unfolds.

The Right Answers. Mostly.

As soon as Senor Sabotender toddled off once more, I knew right away it was going to be the conversation model that I suck at. Well, I didn’t suck that badly. But a bit, yeah.

The upside is you can’t fail the quest by giving the wrong answer! Huzzah.

Roswen (X:12.8, Y:13.9)
A Prickly Plaint - Roswen
Right, remember how I said I suck at these? Roswen proves this right. You have to figure out which sales tip Nanaphon gave you earlier to encourage Roswen to go the Saucer. I went through all the answers with her!

The correct reason for her to go is: “it’s the perfect place to bring that special someone”.

I’m still not sure I got the follow up question totally right, but Roswen’s a prickly fish even in a good mood.

Lyngsath (X:10.1, Y:8.2)
Lyngsath during A Prickly Plaint
The head chef of the Bismarck is your next port of call (excuse the mariner pun). Thankfully, the correct answer is really obvious from Nanaphon’ options:

“You could partake in libations to delight even the most discerning epicure.”

After which, I had to go look up what the heck “epicure” meant!

Wawalago (X:8.1, Y:15.2)
Who else knew what the answer was going to be as soon as you knew the so-called Guildmaster of the Fisherman’s Guild was next up? All of you? Yep, it really was a no-brainer.

“But don’t you want to feast your eyes on the realm’s most gorgeous garb?”

Well, the females in said garb, but hey, semantics.

Kyokyoroon (X:6.6, Y:12.1)
Now, I got it wrong on the first time with Kyokyoroon (who’s near the Hawker’s Alley Aetheryte Shard). That’s because I wasn’t sure he would have enough sparklies to take part in the right answer. But I was wrong. The correct answer is:

“You could hit the Cactpot and become a gillionaire!”

The prospect of sparklies, however unlikely they were to be obtained, was too much to resist!

Finishing the Story

Once you’ve spoken to all four people, head back to the Aftcastle with Senor Sabotender. I’ll let you experience the end yourself!

2022 Event Rewards

As you’ll have guessed the new emote is the outstretched arms one you used when drawing attention to Senor Sabotender. These are /showleft and /showright, as demonstrated on the official event page.

Show Left & Show Right Emote

FFXIV Show Left And Show Right Emote Make It Rain Campaign 2022
Play this video
FFXIV Show Left And Show Right Emote Make It Rain Campaign 2022

Campaign Attendant Prizes & Rewards

The Campaign Attendant is the special NPC that contains both unique event rewards and discounted Gold Saucer prizes.

Where is the Event Vendor?

Thank goodness for /gpose letting me hide players (but I kept their minions in!). The Campaign Attendant is here in the main lobby. It looks like many of the usual Gold Saucer rewards are in here and some are discounted by 30%. So, you can earn 50% more on Gold Saucer events and pay 30% less on some items. Score!

Reminder: these discounts are not available from the usual Prize Claim NPC.

TL;DR Grab Your Free Emotes during Make It Rain 2022

As usual, FFXIV have given us a neat little story that doesn’t take too long to complete. You get two emotes in one tome and you can never have too many for /gpose and your Adventurer’s Plate! So jump into Make It Rain 2022, and why not play a bit of the Gold Saucer at the same time? We can’t be fighting every moment of every waking day, right? Right?! I’ll see you at more FFXIV Events another time!

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