FFXIV Make It Rain Campaign 2023

FFXIV Make It Rain Campaign 2023 Event Guide

The Make It Rain Campaign is a periodically recurring event in FFXIV with its story and focus being the Gold Saucer. Here I’ll walk you through how to get this year’s rewards but let’s have some fun while we do it, yeah?

What’s the Gold Saucer?

The Gold Saucer is an entertainment complex initially unlocked in Ul’dah (It Could Happen to YouExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)). There you can win tokens (called MGP) by taking part in myriad different activities, competitions and time-limited events called GATEs. MGP can then be traded for a whole host of rewards like cosmetic weapons, glamouring items, orchestrion rolls, minions and mounts. It is open all year round unlike other limited time FFXIV Events. So you can always find relief from questing and saving the world (again!).

How Do I Get There?

Once you’ve completely unlocked access to the Gold Saucer, you can travel there from any of the City States for free. Just select “The Gold Saucer” from the options at Airship Landing.

NB: Travel from the Gold Saucer is not free except to Ul’dah.

Free Passage available to the Gold Saucer from the City States in FFXIV

When is Make it Rain 2023?

This year’s event runs from 30th June (8am GMT) until 17th July 2023 at precisely 2:59pm GMT.

Find the Start date/time in your timezone hereExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).


  • During the campaign MGP MGP rewards from the Gold Saucer are increased by 50%.
  • Various rewards may be found at MGP MGP discounted MGP prices at the Campaign Attendant.

    Do ensure you buy them from the Campaign Attendant, as the discounts are not available at the counter vendor.

  • Items exclusively available during previous iterations of the event may also be found at the Campaign Attendant.

Can I Take Part?

If your character is at least Level 15, and has completed your relevant “Envoy” MSQ quest, then you can jump right in! Just to help new players, these quests are:

How Do I Start “Make It Rain”?

A Golden Opportunity

If you want to skip spoilers, then Click/tap here to jump to rewards and other Gold Saucer information.

Story and Tips

There’s no need for me to write the whole story down. After all, if you can live a story, it’s better than reading it.

However, Kipih has heard about the events at the Gold Saucer and wants to capitalise on them for The Raven. So, she recruits you as a temporary assistant for this endeavour. She offers you this chance to be “immortalised” via the article…just in case you weren’t famous enough, you know?!

By the way, look for subtle reactions from her about you through the story, it’s quite amusing!


The Raven is not the only publication writing about the Gold Saucer. And the establishment wants the most readers as possible so that more people come to enjoy the games and prizes.

So, when you arrive, you learn there is another “prize” up for grabs: an exclusive interview with Godbert Manderville. All the reporters say this will boost their readership, so wait to find out how they can win that prize.

The Game

Ollier (who you may know from previous Make It Rain Campaigns) has set up a game – the winner of which will get that interview.

The game is: four mini mammets of Godbert have been hidden in the Gold Saucer somewhere (except Chocobo Square). Either the publication with the most mammets will win the contest.

Finding Your Mammets

Kipih tasks you with finding the mammets in Wonder Square and Round Square. In case you need pointers, here are the locations of the mammets:

You and Kipih (naturally) win the interview, which leads to the follow-on quest.

Hearts of Gold

Once you’ve completed A Golden Opportunity, Ollier has the follow-on quest Hearts of Gold.

This is a guided tour by Godbert Manderville, where he explains a bit about different sections of the Gold Saucer. He also goes into some depths about its history.

How Does He Know You So Well?

Occasionally, he refers to his past encounters with your character, or calls you a “friend”. It’s these things that Kipih seems bemused at, like she doesn’t know who you are – and certainly can’t fathom how you could be friendly with the famous Godbert Manderville!

Enjoy this bit, I don’t need to write more about it. But I did want to give you one such example!

As you go through Godbert's dialogue, watch the NPCs in the background. There are some touching interactions.

2023 Event Rewards

As per the official pageExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab), the story quest reward is the Wind-Up Godbert Minion!

This is awarded at the end of Hearts of Gold.

Also, some standard Gold Saucer prizes are at a reduced MGP MGP cost and items from previous Make It Rain Campaign events will be available during the 2023 event times.

FFXIV Wind-Up Godbert Minion from the FFXIV Make It Rain Campaign 2023 Event

Where is the Event Vendor? Where are my Discounts, darnit?!

Thank goodness for /gpose letting me hide players (but I kept their minions in!). The Campaign Attendant is here in the main lobby. Many of the usual Gold Saucer rewards are in here, and some are discounted by 30%. So, you can earn 50% more on Gold Saucer events and pay 30% less on some items. Score!

Reminder: these discounts are not available from the usual Prize Claim NPC.

Here are the items on discount:

New to the Gold Saucer?

If you are then you can check out nearly everything here. If you’re new to FFXIV – or fairly new – you may not have Chocobo Racing or minions for Lord of Verminion, but the rest should be fine. Tips:

  1. Always Play Mini Cactpot: You cannot lose MGP MGP playing this, as even the lowest prize is larger than the ticket price.
  2. Fashion Report: Make a glamour outfit based on a theme you’re given. There’s a fab FFXIV creator called @KaiyokoStarExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) who always posts the current winning combinations for Fashion Report. Other folks also do this, but I’m just used to hers.
  3. Games/GATEs: As with FATEs, GATEs are games active for a set time. They vary in their style; some are jumping games, others test your reactions, or your ability to shoot targets. There are others.
  4. Mini Games: Between GATEs, there are various mini-games that only cost a tiny amount of MGP and should, in theory, always be profitable.

Other Games

There is also Chocobo Racing and Lord of Verminion. I suck at racing and don’t really understand Minion battles, so don’t ask me for advice on those!

If you prefer something more relaxed, then you can learn Doman Mahjong. The card game Triple Triad can be played outside the Gold Saucer with marked NPCs or other players in designated locations.

TL;DR Grab Your Godbert Manderville Minion during the Make It Rain Campaign

He’s a Manderville…Minion! Whatever the story holds we have a fun minion as a reward for the 2023 edition of the Make It Rain Campaign. And if any of those Gold Saucer prizes are too tempting, make the most of the MGP MGP bonuses and MGP price reductions.

Have fun and I’ll see you at more FFXIV Events another time!

Psst: don’t forget to check the official siteExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) too.

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