FFXIV Maelstrom Hunting Log Guide

FFXIV Maelstrom Hunting Log Guide | Maelstrom Grand Company Log

Hey again, fellow Warriors of Light (or Darkness!). Today I’m going to cover the FFXIV Maelstrom Hunting Log, the second Grand Company one out of three. As with my other log guides, I’ve taken screenshots of each enemy and created maplets to show where you can find them. This will help you clear the log easily and quickly, reaping those Storm Seals and accelerating your promotions! Let’s get to it!

Where is the Maelstrom Hunting Log?

Simply open up your usual FFXIV Hunting Logs window and you can find the crest underneath the class/job symbols.

I didn’t want to just copy and paste everything from my Twin Adder Hunting Log, so I hope that description is enough for yous.

Individually Searchable?

I’m now in the process of creating searchable entries for the landscape targets here. There should be minimum disruption so these guides will remain whole and accurate during the transition. Thanks!

Maelstrom Hunting Log Rank 1

As you progress through these difficulty ranks, you’ll see that, basically, you’re fighting against the Beast Tribes. This coincides with much of the Main Scenario Quest MSQ, and certainly on the harder trials between A Realm Reborn and Heavensward.

Maelstrom 01

Maelstrom 05

Maelstrom 06

Maelstrom 07

Maelstrom 08

Maelstrom 09

Maelstrom 10

Rank 1 Dungeon Targets

For the Maelstrom Hunting Log Rank 1, you have three targets that can only be found in a dungeon. This is HalataliExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). It is technically an optional dungeon, so see that guide on how to unlock it. Because it’s optional, it does not feature in Duty Support yet.

Heckler Imp

FFXIV Heckler Imp in HalataliYou will encounter these little voidsent within a few moments of stepping into Halatali! But Heckler Imps are rarely on their own. The bonus of that is, you’ll get to take out other Hunting Log targets at the same time!

Reward: Storm Seals × 266


FFXIV Doctore in HalataliIf an enspirited suit of armour could “over-compensate”, the Doctore would totally have nailed that. You may even notice the sword before the armour, to be honest. Just be careful of its AoEs in particular.

Reward: Storm Seals × 287


FFXIV Firemane - the first boss in the Halatali DungeonFiremane is not a lion, unfortunately. It is a huge Fire Sprite and also the first boss inside Halatali.

Reward: Storm Seals × 311

Maelstrom Hunting Log Rank 2

There’s a real emphasis on the Kobolds in Rank 2. But as a progressing fighter of the Maelstrom, knowing the Kobolds are a local problem, you have to do your duty! Well, once you’ve cleared an Amalj’aa. If you do them in order!

Maelstrom 11

Maelstrom 12

Maelstrom 16

Maelstrom 17

Maelstrom 18

Maelstrom 19

Maelstrom 20

Rank 2 Dungeon Targets

The last three targets for your Maelstrom Hunting Log Rank 2 are found in The Sunken Temple of QarnExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). As with Halatali earlier, Qarn is an optional dungeon that requires a separate unlock to the main scenario.

Temple Bat

FFXIV Temple Bat - The Sunken Temple of QarnYou will encounter Temple Bats as the first enemy within the Sunken Temple of Qarn. If you are a tank on a speed run, or are with one who is, then the first group of bats can be avoided.

However, more are underground, where you can’t avoid them, so you should still easily tick this off on one run.

Reward: Storm Seals × 609

The Condemned

FFXIV The Condemned - The Sunken Temple of QarnThe Condemned is just a Revenant by another name. If you don’t see these in the optional side rooms, then there are more in the chambre immediately before the final boss.

Reward: Storm Seals × 629


FFXIV Teratotaur - The Sunken Temple of Qarn (First Boss)The Teratotaur is the first boss of Qarn. You can interrupt his room-wide AoE that gifts you with “Doom”. If you get the Doom debuff run to a lit-up floor square to remove it as it cannot be Esuna‘d off.

Reward: × 655

Maelstrom Hunting Log Rank 3

Finally, we make it to Rank 3! While you don’t have to clear it in order to reach the rank of Storm Captain, I hate starting something and not finishing it. I’m also great at starting a lot of things and not finishing them!

Let this be one thing you do complete. You get seals, which allow you to buy Maelstrom-only gear and various odds and ends used in Relic Weapon quests. Here are your landscape targets first:

Maelstrom 21

Maelstrom 22

Maelstrom 23

Maelstrom 24

Maelstrom 25

Maelstrom 26

Maelstrom 27

Maelstrom 28

Rank 3 Dungeon Targets


FFXIV Tonberry - The Wanderer's Palace DungeonIf you don’t know the history of The Wanderer’s Palace, then unlock Scholar to find out! You’ll find plenty of Tonberry enemies in the dungeon. The first is obvious almost immediately once you step away from the starting corridor.

Reward: Storm Seals 1,555

Giant Bavarois

FFXIV Giant Bavarois - the Wanderer's Palace dungeonI don’t know what it is with FFXIV and turning desserts into freaky voidsent, but at least it’s imaginative. The Giant Bavarois is the second boss of the Wanderer’s Palace and bares no ressemlance to the actual foodExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). It will summon two lesser desserts during the fight, so clear them ASAP. Don’t eat them.

Reward: Storm Seals 1,619

TL;DR That’s a Wrap for the FFXIV Maelstrom Hunting Log!

That’s been quite a ride, really! The Grand Company logs generally don’t muck about – on-level these are dangerous enemies you have to genuinely fight against. Of course, since flight was allowed in Eorzea, clearing entries from the Maelstrom Hunting Log has been much quicker and you can over-level to make it easy. But if you want to achieve promotions within the ranks you’ll need to clear much of these logs.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Next time it will be the Flames. But for now, have fun in Final Fantasy XIV, til Sea Swallows All!

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