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FFXIV Gladiator Hunting Log Guide - All Targets for all Ranks to clear the GLA Log in FF14.

Welcome, FFXIV friends! While I have been trying to get as many Hunting Log enemies in as possible, I forgot how useful a “catch-all” page could be. So here’s the FFXIV Gladiator Hunting Log information for you. In case you’re new to FFXIV and you’re wondering whether to start the Gladiator class, I’ve included a bit about that also.

To prevent duplication, however, I’ve linked through to each individual level’s guide. This will open in a new tab/window so this landing page will remain in place for you. Enjoy!

Gladiator Hunting Log

Once you’ve unlocked the class, you’ll receive your Hunting Log. And, as is often the case, the first quest sends you to defeat some of the enemies from Rank 1. That gives you a neat EXP EXP boost, as you’ll get the EXP from defeating them, plus bonus EXP from the Log.

Where is the Hunting Log?

It can be easily found in the menu in the bottom right of your screen: Logs → Hunting Log. If you’re currently a Gladiator, it will open on that class’ targets by default.

Until you’ve cleared all ranks of the Gladiator Hunting Log, I’d advise quickslotting this to your main toolbars somewhere.

How Many Enemies?

As you can see, this is clearly marked. In the earlier levels, you’ll only need three or four of one type. This increases with higher ranks.

It’s also worth me pointing out that sometimes you need to defeat more than one type of enemy to clear a rank.

Where’s the Paladin Hunting Log?

Trick question! When you unlock the Paladin job, you still gain Gladiator EXP. So you are still clearing the Gladiator log even as a Paladin. There’s no separate logs for advanced classes/jobs.

FFXIV Gladiator Hunting Log - Page 1

Hunting Log Targets

Here we go, then. Here are the guides to all the Gladiator Hunting Logs. They include a screenshot of your target, information about where to find them, and a map to help you too.

FFXIV Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 1 (Difficulty 1) - All Entries
FFXIV Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 2 (Difficulty 2) - Guide and Maps
FFXIV Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 3 (FF14) - Guide and Maps
FFXIV Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 4 Guide and Maps
FFXIV Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 5 Guide - FF14

What’s the Gladiator Class Like?

For a long time, Gladiator – which later becomes Paladin – was my primary class. Not because I enjoy tanking dungeons, but because I’m risk averse in solo content. More armour means less damage, even if it means fights are drawn out. And I still do that now, just with a variety of tanking jobs or classes!

Gladiator is a classic “Sword-and-Board” combat style that uses a combination of both items in forming attacks and defences. As you level, you gain a few AoEs. These are mostly useful in group content for keeping the aggro of a multiple mobs away from your groupies.

Is It Fun?

I wouldn’t say it’s exciting to play, but once you reach Paladin, it definitely becomes more fun. And with more AoEs and self-heals (including MP regeneration) in later levels, it can be quite involved for a “basic” class.

But it does have pretty weapons, especially once you start working on relics! The shield here is a Heavensward relic.

How to Unlock Gladiator

Assuming you chose a different class when you first made your character, here’s how to unlock it.

You will need the quest Normal Quest Way of the GladiatorExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). When you can get this depends on:

  • If you started in Ul’dah or not:
    If you didn’t, then you will have to wait until the Main Scenario Quest MSQ gives you airship access. This will be either The Gridanian EnvoyExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) or The Lominsan EnvoyExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). Once you have that quest, you can travel to Ul’dah and go start the Gladiator class/job.
  • If your first combat guild has said you can:
    Initially, you cannot join another guild, including a crafting one. Once you reach L10+ in your first class and have cleared the relevant class quest for that level, then you’re free to join the Gladiator’s guild.
  • Of course, if you already have more than one class – or have unlocked crafting, then you can just rock up to the Gladiators Guild to sign up.

Once you fulfil those requirements, head to Ul’dah and the Gladiator’s Guild to pick up the quest.

Reasons to Clear the Gladiator Hunting Log

While the class-based Hunting Logs are purely optional there are good reasons to clear them.


Especially in the earlier levels, before you can run dungeons, your Hunting Log gives you a great source of additional EXP EXP.

Each difficulty level gives EXP and completing a rank grants a huge chunk more.

Fight Types

The creatures, machines, humanoids and Twelve know what else listed in your logs have various combat styles.

Learning the attacks of different enemies stands you in good stead as you level.

Practice for the Future

Other features that do have knock-on effects, or separate rewards run like the hunting log.
Items like
→ The ARR Relic quests
→ The Hunt
→ Grand Company Hunting Logs

So it helps you to get used to this method of earning rewards, or progressing…progression.

TL;DR Clear the Gladiator Hunting Log for EXP and Completionism

Hopefully this was a useful overview of the Gladiator Hunting Log and gives you the help you need to clear it. If this is your first class, remember there’s no rush to level – just enjoy the story and learning your fighting style. Gladiator was the second class I unlocked and it became my main throughout A Realm Reborn and Heavensward.

Enjoy the journey.

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