Traveller's Trusty Fiddle
LOTRO Anniversary Instrument / Cosmetic Weapon

Compared to the Bardic Fiddle, the Traveller's Trusty Fiddle is made of much lighter wood, with its edges being darker. While it does feature the same "leafy pattern" at the bottom of the strings, the four symbols on this fiddle are Celtic knots.

The tooltip description reads:

This Fiddle is plucked. A perfect accompaniment to the rambling life.

While you can use this as a Cosmetic Weapon, it being a plucked instrument means it's most likely to be used in a LOTRO band setting. Plucking adds a dynamic to music that a "continuous sound" instrument cannot easily fit.

Weapon and Cosmetic Weapon

I don't want to repeat what I wrote for the Bardic Fiddle. But it's helpful to know that LOTRO instruments can be used both in the equipment slot as your damaging weapon and in an outfit. This gives you the choice to hear a different instrument to the one that is providing the DPS or heals in combat.

How to Obtain the Traveller's Trusty Fiddle

You can barter 7 × Anniversary Tokens during the Anniversary Event or, according to the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab), it may be purchased from the LOTRO Store.

Traveller's Trusty Fiddle Information

  • Festival/Event: Anniversary Event
  • Price: 15 × Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens
  • Set Name: Fiddles
  • Gear Slot: Held
  • Category: Cosmetic Weapon

Items in this Set

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