Helm of Crystal Resolve
LOTRO 15th Anniversary Cosmetic

Well you certainly cannot argue that the Helm of Crystal Resolve does not protect your head! Though this design is not my personal taste, I can imagine Dwarves in particular will really suit this head cosmetic.

The top of your head is encased in a cylinder of heavy metal (the material, not the music). The main part is silvery with gold patterns, but above and below feature the steel blue and gold combination you'll see throughout the Crystal Resolve set.

From under the cheekbones, the sides and back of your neck are protected by "scales" of metal. Though I think they're crystal-shaped to fit the motif of the theme.

Helm of Crystal Resolve Information

  • Festival/Event: Anniversary Event
  • Price: 10 × Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens
  • Set Name: Crystal Resolve
  • Gear Slot: Head
  • Category: Helmet

View From The Back

Items in this Set

Boots of Crystal Resolve

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Chestplate of Crystal Resolve

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Cloak of Crystal Resolve

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Gloves of Crystal Resolve

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Helm of Crystal Resolve

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Pauldrons of Crystal Resolve

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Full Set

60 × Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens

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