Pauldrons of Crystal Resolve
LOTRO 15th Anniversary Cosmetic

I have shown the Pauldrons of Crystal Resolve separate to the other pieces, because sometimes it can be hard to see how they might work on other outfits. I've shown how they work with the Chestplate below.The "Crystal" aspect in this piece is more acknowledged in the gem-like piece that attaches the main plate-metal components, than with patterns. And it somehow doesn't feel overdone. Apart from a subtle border across the upper arms, the rest is nice and simple, polished metal. And as with the other items in the set, the pauldrons feature gold-coloured edging. Apart from looking a bit "sharp", this shoulder cosmetic might work with other armour sets in LOTRO.

Other Races

Below you can see this shoulder cosmetic on various races and/or genders. The main change between them seems to simply be on how broad the shoulders are.

Pauldrons of Crystal Resolve Information

  • Festival/Event: Anniversary Event
  • Price: 10 × Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens
  • Set Name: Crystal Resolve
  • Gear Slot: Shoulders
  • Category: Pauldrons

Other Views

Items in this Set

Boots of Crystal Resolve

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Chestplate of Crystal Resolve

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Cloak of Crystal Resolve

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Gloves of Crystal Resolve

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Helm of Crystal Resolve

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Pauldrons of Crystal Resolve

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Full Set

60 × Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens

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