Feed-laden Donkey
LOTRO Farmers Faire Pet

Feed-laden Donkey Pet Description

So often donkeys are burdened with the loads their masters cannot, or will not carry. To rectify this injustice, the Feed-laden Donkey has decided enough is enough, and carries all their favourite food. I'm fairly sure those greens hanging out are in reach if they turn their head around - food for the road!There's definitely an air of satisfaction around this lovely, fuzzy critter, don't you think?

How Much Does 30MC Cost?

Mithril Coin Mithril Coins can be purchased from the LOTRO Store and there is no bulk discount until you want to load Mithril Coin100 or more. This estimate is based on there being no "double bonus points" offer.

The LOTRO Point Cost

  • Stack of 25 Mithril Coin: 250 LOTRO Points
  • Stack of 5 Mithril Coin:  50 LOTRO Points
  • Total: 300 LOTRO Points

The Real Money Cost

I'm afraid I have to stick to GBP as I don't know the offering in other currencies.
  • 600 LOTRO Points (the smallest package): £4.99
  • 300 / 600 × £4.99: £2.49 or £2.50
The real cost will be less for every bundle of LP you get after 600. If you're VIP and get free LOTRO Points then it need not cost you any real money, of course!

Extra Details

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