White Ceremonial Dress
A LOTRO Farmers Faire Cosmetic

The White Ceremonial Dress is one of a few from the LOTRO Farmers Faire that you have to acquire for both Farmers Faire Tokens Farmers Faire Tokens and... a fish.

For this one, you will need:

  • Farmers Faire Tokens × 15
  • Golden Redfish (Barter Fish) × 1 Golden Redfish (barter fish)

You cannot acquire Golden Redfish any other way except through the fishing quests at the Faire. For Golden Redfish (Barter Fish) Golden Redfish, head to Bree Pond (just South of the town, past the Skirmish Camp). They only drop during the fishing quest there. There's also a chance of them dropping at Bywater Pond also, mixed in with the others you can pull up (after Stocking the Pond).

White Ceremonial Dress is Undyable

You cannot dye this cosmetic. It shall remain white forever!

There are a couple of similar dresses in other colours, but I'll add these at a later point.

White Ceremonial Dress Information

  • Festival/Event: Farmers Faire
  • Price: 15 × Farmers Faire Tokens Farmers Faire Tokens
  • Set Name: Ceremonial Dresses
  • Gear Slot: Upper Body
  • Category: Dress

Items in this Set

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