Summer Travelling Cloak – LOTRO Farmers Faire Back Cosmetic

LOTRO Summer Travelling Cloak - Farmers Faire Back Cosmetic

Item Name: Summer Travelling Cloak Gear Slot: Back Event/Festival: Farmers Faire Cost: 25 × Farmers Faire Tokens FJ’s Description: The Summer Travelling Cloak must be a true LOTRO relic as I had either forgotten or had never realised it existed until I created this page! It has a distinctly autumnal feeling to it, with the […]

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LOTRO Summer Tunic and Trousers – Long-Sleeved and Short-Sleeved

LOTRO Long-Sleeved Summer Tunic and Trousers - Farmers Faire Cosmetic

Item Name: Summer Tunic and Trousers (Short- and Long-Sleeved) Gear Slot: Upper Body Trousers Included: Yes Footwear Included: Yes Hides Hand Slot: Yes (TBC) Event/Festival: LOTRO Farmers Faire Cost: 20 × Farmers Faire Tokens FJ’s Description: While the two varieties of the Summer Tunic and Trousers naturally are made of the same fabrics and textures […]

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