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LOTRO Midsummer Outfit Cosmetics Rewards Library

Welcome Back to Midsummer!

Last year (2020) was the first year LOTRO introduced us to the new Midsummer Festival – a celebration of the wedding of Aragorn to Arwen! And SSG were not shy at showering us with tons of rewards to acquire for enjoying a city-wide party in Minas Tirith either. This included a bunch of cosmetics.

I have now added all these clothing items in a similar way to other sections of my LOTRO Festival Cosmetics Library. You can view these alphabetically or by gear slot. And for upper-body and footwear cosmetics, I have now added different races and/or genders[1]. I hope this is useful for some folk.


Looking for my Event Guide?

If you landed here looking for the full event guide, then just click/tap the button below.

Midsummer Festival Guide

Browsing Midsummer Cosmetics

These items are:

  • Grouped by: Newest, Last Year and by Gear Slot
  • Ordered: alphabetically by item name.

Other Races/Genders?

I have now added other races and genders((By “gender” I mean the option that was set at character creation)) to upperbody pieces and boots. Hit the “A-Z” tab to see these if you’re interested!


Newest Cosmetics

This year’s newest outfit clothing is here – in alphabetical order for you! Click/tap any to view it larger and if you click the “A-Z” tab you can also find more out about each piece and see some of them in different races and/or genders.

Click/Tap the “Last Year” tab. Tap the tab. Hehe, I’m easily amused.

Last Year

In years after 2021, this tab will just become an alphabetically-ordered gallery of all cosmetics. But for this year, you can see all the inaugural outfit items LOTRO introduced when the event first launched!

By Gear Slot

Midsummer Cosmetics by Gear Slot

Here are…I think… all the outfit items you can purchase with Midsummer Tokens Let me know if I’m missing something, please (and I’ll credit you when I fix it).

Head Cosmetics

Shoulder Cosmetics

Upper Body Cosmetics

Back Cosmetics & Cloaks

Hands & Gloves Cosmetics

Leg Cosmetics

Many of the tunics/chestplates have trousers built-in. Sewed in? That kind of thing.

Feet Cosmetics

Musical Instruments

The 2021 Midsummer Festival saw a huge number of musical instruments added.

Thanks to Arron, Elvish Black, @Valkryique and others for sending me instrument screenshots!

A-Z List

Here is the alphabetical list of outfit items and all linked to their invididual pages for more details and screenshots.

Items marked with * also have screenshots of other races and genders. I will add these to other upper-body pieces as/when I have time.

Also, I’m only focusing on upper body and feet clothing items as I think these are the ones that most obviously change between body shapes. If you think I should do this on another group, please let me know, and share example shots with me.


Musical Instruments

Here are the musical instruments you can acquire during Midsummer. I haven’t created landing pages for each one in this case as they could go with any outfit, but thought it would be helpful for you band members. Or those that want a different cosmetic instrument compared to your “stat gear” one.

Thanks to the amazing LOTRO community I now have screenshots of all musical instruments – and I will be adding these after the weekend. Thank you!


Thanks to Arron, Elvish Black, @Valkryique and others for sending me instrument screenshots! It’s lovely when some of my guide writing is done with the community, so thank you.

List of Midsummer Instruments

I apologise for the repetition of the name, but these are the valid item names, as given by LOTRO.

  • Summer Celebration Lute
  • Summer Celebration Horn
  • Summer Celebration Clarinet
  • Summer Celebration Flute
  • Summer Celebration Harp
  • Summer Celebration Drum
  • Summer Celebration Theorbo
  • Summer Celebration Bagpipe
  • Summer Celebration Cowbell
  • Summer Celebration Pibgorn
  • Summer Celebration Mountain Harp
  • Summer Celebration Fiddle
  • Summer Celebration Bassoon


I loved so much about Midsummer, I think it’ll end up becoming my favourite festival in the LOTRO Events Schedule! There is so much to do – so I suggest just deciding to do it on a couple of characters so you can enjoy it in its fullest. I will endeavour to keep up with the outfits as they launch. From next year I have plans for upgrades to do to this system, but 2021 is about getting all the clothing into my database. But I hope it’s useful anyway. Enjoy the festivities!

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