FFXIV Arcanist Hunting Log Rank 5
All Targets from All Ranks

FFXIV Arcanist Hunting Log Rank 5 Guide - Summoner and Scholar Hunting Log

At long last we have reached the FFXIV Arcanist Hunting Log Rank 5, where you can complete all the ranks for Summoner and Scholar. As this was built around the A Realm Reborn story, the Garlean Empire features a fair bit in here. You’ll also face creatures in Mor Dhona and the tribal strongholds of Natalan and the Sapsa Spawning Grounds.

Get ready for some travel, stock up on your Gysahl Greens for your Chocobo, and let’s get cracking.

When Can I Start Rank 5?

When you have

  1. Cleared the Arcanist Hunting Log Rank 4, and
  2. Reached at least Level 40 in an Arcanist-based class (Arcanist/Scholar/Summoner).

Arcanist Hunting Log Rank 5 Targets

Reward: EXP 40,000

Arcanist 41
EXP 17,000

Arcanist 42
EXP 17,500

Arcanist 43
EXP 18,000

Arcanist 44
EXP 18,500

Arcanist 45
EXP 19,000

Arcanist 46
EXP 19,500

Arcanist 47
EXP 20,000

Arcanist 48
EXP 20,500

Arcanist 49
EXP 21,000

Arcanist 50
EXP 21,500

Total EXP Available

  • Total EXP for All Levels: EXP 192,500
  • EXP For Clearing Rank 5: EXP 40,000
  • TOTAL: EXP 232,500

Note, this excludes any EXP gained for defeating the individual enemies and bonuses due to Rested EXP.

TL;DR The Book is More Powerful than the Sword with the Arcanist Hunting Log Rank 5

Talk about a wide variety of enemies! From the weird Axolotl and un-puppy-like Mudpuppies to gigantic war magitek, you’ve faced it all. And with that, you’ve completely cleared the Arcanist Hunting Log – well done!

And now, I have completed covering it all too! So I will see you soon – when I start the final class, Rogues. Take care!

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