Gigantoad Location in FFXIV
Rank 4

FFXIV Gigantoad - Hunting Log Rank 4 Target

Well, they weren't kidding when they named the Gigantoad, that's for sure! But you've already seen similar critters in earlier log entries, such as Laughing Toads as part of Thaumaturge Hunting Log 3.

Wander up and down the river here to complete this Hunting Log entry. Just be aware that it is also a prime spot for farming Gigantoad Skins for Leatherworker crafting, so expect other players to pop by during your trip. And don't take more than required.

Gigantoad Location Map

Location Info

  • Approximate Coordinates:
    X:20, Y:26
  • Region/Area:
    Eastern La Noscea: Raincatcher Gully
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    Eastern La Noscea: Wineport

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