LOTRO Flowers of the Old Forest Deed – Bree-land Exploration

LOTRO Flowers of the Old Forest Deed - Map and GuideWelcome to the start of my next big LOTRO Deed Maps project, embarking on Bree-land! This one is quite a short one, but as anyone who has quested in Bree-land knows, there’s a lot of ground to cover! Today we’ll be looking at (or more accurately, looking for), the Flowers of the Old Forest. There’s some story and lore with this deed, as well as a helpful map.

So let’s get started!

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What are the Flowers of the Old Forest?

As with many things in The Lord of the Rings Online, this Old Forest deed has a story behind it. This story is actually told by Tom Bombadil’s wife, who is found at Goldberry’s Spring. She tells that, long ago, eight Entwives came to seek shelter in the Old Forest. Tom Bombadil sought to keep them protected from evil by harbouring them in the heart of the Forest. For some reason those Entwives disappeared and the unusual flowers in the Old Forest sprung where each of those eight sisters disappeared.

Apparently, whether these Entwives will ever awaken again (and if so, when) is something only Tom knows. He won’t even share his thoughts with Goldberry!

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A Couple of Warnings

  • The Huorns (Awakened Trees) you need to complete Bree-land Woodsman are found here. They are also available at the Southern end of the Southern Barrow-Downs. The ones in the North of the Forest do not usually attack on sight. The same cannot be said of those in the southern part of the Old Forest. To complete this deed in one visit I suggest being over level 20, or take a friend. The roots in the southern part of the Forest are particularly vicious!
  • The mobs in the southern part are also a bit of a higher level than the northern section, if memory serves well.

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Deeds You Can Advance in the Old Forest

As well as Flowers of the Old Forest, you can advance and even complete the following deeds at the same time:

  1. Bree-land Woodsman
  2. Old Forest Exploration Deed (and Map!)
  3. Spider-Slayer (again a higher population in the South of the Forest, especially around Weavers Den.

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What Do the Flowers Look Like?

When Goldberry says they are unusual, she is correct! These white flowers are completely unlike any other plant, awakened or otherwise, in the Old Forest. Here’s one example, click/tap it to load a larger version:

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Finding the Flowers of the Old Forest – a Deed Map

Below I have provided a map of the location of each flower. Each name presumably corresponds to the name of an Entwife. Again, click/tap it to see a larger version. To help you further, here are the grid references:

  • Neldorlas’ Flower: 30.6S, 57.3W
  • Braiglad’s Flower: 32.1S, 58.4W
  • Cordofoneth’s Flower: 32.6S, 59.3W
  • Rhosthon’s Flower: 32.0S, 61.0W
  • Dorollin’s Flower: 34.2S, 60.1W
  • Lenhwest’s Flower: 33.3S, 57.5W
  • Silloth’s Flower: 35.2S, 56.9W
  • Merillif’s Flower: 35.4S, 58.3W
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TL;DR The Entwives’ Flowers

Finding all the flowers in the Old Forest involves exploring pretty much all of the wood! But with this deed, you learn some Lord of the Rings Lore as well as taking out some Huorns and Spiders! It may be a battle, but as the Old Forest forms a key part of The Fellowship of the Ring, do your best to enjoy the journey!

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2 thoughts on “LOTRO Flowers of the Old Forest Deed – Bree-land Exploration

  1. This is one of my favorite deeds, possibly because there’s so many other things to take care of on the way, possibly because the flowers are so striking, possibly because the Entwives are one of the more interesting mysteries Tolkien hints at! Either way, I really like this one. Having all the dots on one map is going to be essential, so thank you! I’ve been using the Wiki, but the Wiki 1) makes you hover over coordinates to see them, 2) only displays one at a time. So I’m constantly getting lost or losing time forgetting which one I’m trying to get to, or having to backtrack because I didn’t realize I missed one!

    1. Yes, where the Old Forest is concerned, having a nice logical flow in (and, more essentially, out) is vital to not going insane in there!

      Thanks for your comments, I’ve been trying to build things that the Wiki doesn’t offer, so I’m adding to what has been done before, not competing with it 🙂

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