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Annúminas LOTRO - A Guide to the City's History, Lore, LOTRO Deeds and Title

In LOTRO’s Annúminas, the former capital of the Kingdom of Arnor, is host to an ongoing battle between the Dúnedain and forces of the Enemy. The Epic story in The Lord of the Rings Online brings you to instances based in the City of Kings on the Western shore of Lake Evendim. However, it is a separate questing area in itself. So, in this first of a mini-series, let’s take a look at the former Dúnedain city, how to reach it and what you can expect when you start questing here.

Annúminas, a Potted History

As I said earlier, it was the capital of Arnor, but that was before the Dúnedain were forced by the Enemy to relocate to Fornost(1). It was founded by Elendil after the destruction of Númenor(2). It also housed one of the Palantíri(3), the seeing-stones – and this one does feature in the Shadows of Angmar Epic quest The Plan Carried OutExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) in LOTRO. The Sceptre of Annúminas was the symbol of the right to be King of Arnor and later, the leaders of the Dúnedain(4). This was handed to Aragorn II Elessar by Arwen after she and Elrond arrived at Minas Tirith, indicating that he had earned the right to be King of Arnor as well as Gondor (and therefore also the hand of marriage of Arwen).

A Bit of Fun From LOTRO

During the Epic when you (and what will become the Fellowship of the Ring) arrive in Rivendell, you get to see how the others are using their time in Imladris. One of the tales involves Merry and Peregrin who decide, without asking, to borrow something rather important from Elrond.

Elrond: ‘You say Peregrin Took borrowed a walking-stick from this library? There is no such item kept here. Surely the young hobbit did not mistake the Sceptre of Annúminas for a common walking-stick?

LOTRO Quest: Foreward: The Walking-StickExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)

So it really cannot be understated quite how important the Kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor were in the history of Middle-Earth. And as you venture into the battles in Annúminas, you can begin to understand why the Dúnedain there are seeking to protect it from the Enemy.

Wardens of Annúminas Reputation

When and How to reach Annúminas

Once you are around Level 39 you’ll match most of the enemies within the City. However, please bear in mind that some enemies are of Signature strength and certain named foes may have an even stronger rating. Not all quests are soloable so do be careful reaching the Ranger camp! You are fairly safe if you stick to the obvious road on the map.

By Boat?

No, you cannot reach Annúminas by boat. Once you arrive it kinda becomes obvious as to why – there is no safe approach to the City via Lake Evendim. If the Swift Travel option is not open to you, you will need to either battle through to Echad Garthadir, or pay 1×Mithril Coin. In both cases, please make sure you click the Stable-Master at the Dúnedain camp so Swift Travel is available to you next time!

Echad Garthadir

Your “base camp” during your time in Annúminas is Echad Garthadir (the entrance is around 19.0S, 71.0W). It has:

  • Quest-givers (including the two repeatables)
  • Barter Vendors
  • General Supplier (and Repairs)
  • Milestone, Campfire and Summoning Horn already mentioned.

You will also notice that the entrance periodically comes under attack from the forces of Angmar. While other locations may change hands as the two sides battle for Control of Annúminas, Echad Garthadir is always safe. Inside its walls, anyway!

Layout Map

Enemies in Annúminas

What is “Control of Annúminas”?

The Benefit of Control

Repeatable Quests

If you end up running the deeds here in Annúminas, you may also want to pick up any daily repeatable quests at the same time. Whether you want it for XP purposes, bonus reputation, or because waiting for an enemy to respawn is boring, you may want options. One of these is Solo, the other is Small Fellowship – which may mean solo depending on your level and gear and how well spec’d your Skirmish Soldier is, or if you’re a confident Lore-Master.

  • Agarochir, Keeper of Tirband, Small Fellowship (WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab))
  • Time of Need, Solo (WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab))

You can also find full fellowship quests in GlinghantExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) and Haudh ValandilExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

Deeds of Annúminas

  1. The City of the Kings
  2. Warden of Annúminas
  3. Markers of the Sunken City
  4. Spirits Aiding Angmar
  1. Brutes from the North
  2. Invaders from Angmar
  3. Leaders of the Invasion
Deed Notes

  • Invaders from Angmar is the Angmarim-slayer Deed.
  • Brutes from the North is the Gorthorog/Gertheryg-slayer Deed.
  • Leaders of the Invasion has two stages with you needing to defeat specific named enemies.

Completion of Angmarim-slayer and Gertheryg “slayer” (Brutes from the North) are both required to complete the Slayer of Evendim Deed.

Over the coming weeks I will be writing guides covering all the Annúminas Deeds, so stay tuned please!

Earnable Titles in Annúminas

  • The Righteous: Complete the Spirits Aiding Angmar Deed
  • Defender of Annúminas: Complete the Leaders of the Invasion Deed
  • Protector of Annúminas: Complete the Leaders of the Invasion (Advanced) Deed
  • The Merciful: Complete the Invaders from Angmar (non-Advanced) Deed
  • The Formidable: Complete the Brutes from the North (non-Advanced) Deed
  • Sage of the Sunken City: Complete the Markers of the Sunken City Deed
  • Warden of Annúminas: Complete these Deeds:
    • Brutes from the North (Advanced)
    • Invaders from Angmar (Advanced)
    • Leaders of the Invasion (Advanced)
    • Spirits Aiding Angmar
    • Markers of the Sunken City
    • The City of Kings

Currencies and Rewards Vendors

Before I launch into this, please note this post will only be covering rewards directly in/from Annúminas. If you’re looking for the general reputation items available in Evendim, then the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) has you covered.

Trading in Annúminas

In Echad Garthadir there are a number of barter vendors, some of which sell Level 50 stat/class gear. No doubt when Shadows of Angmar first came out it was among the best gear you could have acquired (I know nothing about raids now, least of all then!). Now, most pieces here may not even be cosmetics you’re interested in – though I do, in fact, use the Circlet of the Seven Stars. Of course, if you’re a completionist, or using a Stone of the TortoiseExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) to do on-level content, then this may still be of interest to you.

Anyway, these vendors sell various items which can be acquired with Marks Marks and Medallions Medallions. Alternatively, you can trade Writs of Annúminas Writ of Annúminas instead of the Marks portion of the price.

The Three Sets Available

Seven Stars Set (Light Armour)
Nenuial’s Set (Medium Armour)
West-Tower Set (Heavy Armour)

The Cloaks

Probably now, the best items here are the cloaks. I’ve shown them here in their initial colours, then with a random dye, so you can see which bits are dyable and how well they take the colour.

Cloak of the Seven Stars
Nenuial’s Cloak
Cloak of the West-Tower

The Heck’s a Writ of Annúminas?

Great question, let’s look it up! I don’t give knowledge because I know it all (hahaha, oh dear) but because others have gone before me. If all you care about is the cosmetic aspect to anything above and do not need the stat gear, then skip to Ceremonial Annúminas Cosmetics ↓. Still here? Okiday.

Before we get to the Writs, there’s a process to follow:

1. Obtain Marks of Triumph
I would be surprised if many even remember these. The reason is that Mark of TriumphMarks of TriumphExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) are awarded for revisiting Epic Book instances through Reflecting Pools. These region-specific pools allow you to replay past content.

If you do this and you acquire 16 × Marks of Triumph you can proceed to the next step.

Read More (Wiki) →

2. Sealed Writs
Once you have your 16Mark of Triumph, you can then trade these for a Sealed Writ of AnnúminasExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). The nearest trader for our purposes here is Maleniel at Tinnudir in Evendim.
3. Trade-In Your Writs
Open your Sealed Writ to receive the (unsealed) Writs of AnnúminasWrit of Annúminas Finally we can then trade your Writs of Annúminas in the City for armour items. Note: you cannot use these to obtain food or crafting scroll-cases.

Ceremonial Annúminas Gear

But, let’s be honest. Nobody uses the Reflecting Pools do they? And it is easier by far to complete some LOTRO deeds for the MarksMarks and/or MedalsMedallions to gain the currency. That, and at Skirmish Camps you can often get “Ceremonial” versions of the armour sets. These are cosmetics only but cost a fraction of the Marks and Medallions compared to the ones at Echad Garthadir.

Each piece of the combat-gear set costs 20Medallions and 55Marks. Given that a medallion costs 50 marks, if you had to do it via exchanging Marks, then each piece would cost an eyewatering 1,055 Marks! Compare this to Ceremonial Annúminas Cosmetics, which cost 12Medallions and 162Marks, or 762 Marks. If you don’t need the stats, don’t pay Annúminas pricing, folks!

Just seek out the Cosmetics NPC at a Skirmish Camp and select Annúminas Cosmetic Clothing options from the drop-down menu.

TL;DR Annúminas in LOTRO is Rich in Lore, so Go Explore

As you can see there is a shedload of stuff to do, explore and learn in the City of Kings. I will begin to get down to the nitty-gritty next time around. But if you do nothing else but come and do the exploration deeds and read the lore in the quest text, a trip to Annúminas is worth your while. Well, what are you waiting for? If it’s the ejection of the Angmarim from the City, you’ll be waiting…well…forever!


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