LOTRO Yondershire - How to Get Started

LOTRO Yondershire Getting Started Guide

Yondershire is a new region added in 2022 and is the first expansion of the Shire since LOTRO’s launch. With rolling hills, Hobbit-hole villages nestled in the woods and ancient ruins, SSG have packed a lot into one region. And it is beautiful. Here’s my How to Get Started Guide, so you can go ahead and get exploring. Let’s do that now!

How Do I Get the Quest Pack?

There are two main ways – and a third.

How Do I Start Yondershire?

Getting started is pretty straightforward!

To Yondershire (Quest)

Your introductory quest has you find two key NPCs in different towns: Salga Greengrass in Nobottle and Frothard Took in Tighfield.

You do not need to complete this quest straight away. I started in Nobottle, then did sidequests there until they were sending me further afield. Or you can choose to complete this and then do whatever quests you feel like. Play your way!

The Yonder-Watch Reputation

In this region you have a different faction to earn reputation with – the Yonder-Watch.

Reputation Rewards

As usual, there are a lot of rewards available, and are reputation locked. Most of the items available are housing decorations. So, for those, head to Déco du Milieu’s Decorations pageExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) for the area!

The rest are:

  • Return to/Muster at/Guide to Nobottle: Copper Bounder's Coin × 10
  • Mathoms × 5: Copper Bounder's Coin × 5
  • (Skill) Tome Tome of the White Goose: Copper Bounder's Coin × 40
  • You can also exchange Mathoms × 5 to receive Copper Bounder's Coin × 2

Sadly there are no Hobbity cosmetics to barter for. There is also no mount neither for barter nor when completing deeds, like when I finished all the Wildwood of Bree-land deeds.

Deeds for Copper Bounder’s Coins

You can earn Copper Bounder's Coin Copper Bounder’s Coins via deeds. These can be found in the Shire tab of your Deed Log. Additionally, if you have not completed the LOTRO Shire Slayer Deed, at least some of those enemies are also present in Yondershire and progress that deed. This is because folk here refer to the other part as “Shire Proper”. So far I have spotted the following deeds progress:

Now I’ve completed most of the area, there are no slugs, so that Shire deed cannot be progressed here.

Get Out There and Explore!

Even during Beta, the beauty of Yondershire was clear. The terrain is varied and holds ruins of different origins too. As I’ve said with both the Wildwood of Bree-land and the Angle of Mitheithel, take time to look around you. Sure, there are some great little stories, reputation to complete and barter rewards to earn, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

I’ve put the screenshots on a separate tab here, so that you can choose whether or not to load them. It’s just one way I try to keep these guides loading as quickly as possible!

My Personal Impressions

One of the first thoughts I had, even when it was on Bullroarer (Beta), is that the whole area is just full of life! Hobbits near their farms, plenty of non-enemy creatures and the taverns are packed. So much here could be used to improve other regions too, even if they had to be made as graphics settings; the same way that grass quantity is scalable, so too could “Volume of non-aggressive wildlife”.

The terrain is varied and often untamed and it’s refreshing to see Hobbits living in the wood. I’m taking my time to read all the quest text, because some of the little stories are really lovely. I’m glad to have started this region – and I’ve bought it on my second account ready for me to Duoquest / Dualbox it.

TL;DR Getting Started Beyond the Shire!

If you’re looking for some lower-level content, or just new content, then give Yondershire some of your time. Even if you’re overlevelled, there is plenty to enjoy. Head to Needlehole, speak with Bounder Chubb and start your journey!

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