LOTRO Fall Festival 2017 Guide – Celebrate Harvest in Middle Earth!

LOTRO Fall Festival 2017 GuideAutumn has come to Middle Earth! Along with another bumper Harvest comes the LOTRO Fall Festival! This event is jam-packed (hmm, jam) with activities, jokes to play and a scary, haunted burrow which has mysteriously appeared under Bag End. So time to put down your swords, shields and armour and enjoy the festivities of the season. With Fall Festival 2017 there’s a beautiful new mount and some fancy leaf-mail armour – along with loads of ways to earn tokens! Let’s get to it shall we?

Fall or Harvest Festival?

Good question! The quests and terminology elsewhere is mixed. You receive Fall Festival Tokens, but there are mentions of Harvest Festival elsewhere. To be fair, this event is a mixture of celebrating Autumn, Harvest and Hallowe’en all in one. But they are all in one event. The key is to enjoy it!

Fall Festival Encore Dates

The Encore event runs from Thursday 30th November – Sunday 10th December 2017. Which gives just a few days before Yule Festival begins!

How To Use This Guide

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A Spirited Harvest (Daily) – 3 Fall Fest Tokens

Similar to the Yule Festival, if you take part in 7 Fall Festival activities, you get 3 Fall Fest Tokens. In case you still want Ithilien Essences now Mordor is out, you get a pouch of Itililien Essence fragments as well. This forms part of A Bountiful Harvest where you complete 4 Spirited Harvest and get 5 Fall Fest Tokens. You can pick these up from Opal Goodbody.

Fall Festival Quests!

Here are as many Festival quests I could find that don’t relate to Bingo Boffin’s Questline (I’ll get to that later!).

As per usual you can also partake in the Shire and Bree-land Horse Races, and they are worth 3 Tokens each!

Troves and Trickery

Troves and Trickery is a quest whereby you find NPCs in the various regions and perform emotes (“tricks”) on them! LOTRO Wiki provides a lot more detail about the mechanics of this quest. For greater clarity I’ve added the screenshots of each of these so you can easily find them.

Hint: if you want to work these out for yourself, then you’re looking for NPCs with blue rings over their heads. Right click them for dialogue then decipher which emote is most appropriate.

How to Perform a Trick Emote

If you’re new to LOTRO, Emoting will not be obvious to you. While you can use Collections and drag an emote to your ability bar, Troves and Trickery uses a lot of emotes. So the easiest way is to use the /<emotename> command in the chat box. I’ve put each one below to help you.

Tricks in the Shire – 3 Fall Fest Tokens

  • Townperson (29.5S, 71.2W): Emote: /pick
  • Farmer (30.7S,. 71.1W): Emote: /shiver
  • Townperson (31.5S, 71.4W): /burp
  • Townperson Fishing (31.0S, 70.9W) – /tantrum

And here are your Shire NPCs!

Tricks in the Thorin’s Hall – 3 Fall Fest Tokens

  • Labourer (Tunnels leading to the Inn): Emote: /whistle
  • Townperson (Near Hunter Trainer): Emote: /mock
  • Townperson (Near Novice Woodworker Vendor): /drink
  • Townperson (Deep in Forging Hall on West Side) – /flex

And here are your target dwarves for Troves and Trickery in Thorin’s Hall!

Tricks in the Duillond – 3 Fall Fest Tokens

  • Townperson (24.6S, 92.4W): Emote: /look
  • Guardsman (23.9S,. 92.5W): Emote: /hail
  • Townperson (24.1S, 93.2W): /eat
  • Musician (24.1S, 93.0W) – /dance

Here are the Elves you are keeping an eye out for:

Tricks in the Bree – 3 Fall Fest Tokens (40 minutes)

  • Townperson (Near the Prancing Pony): Emote: /whippitydo
  • Townperson (Beggar’s Alley): Emote: /crazy
  • Townperson (30.6S, 50.0W) – /scold
  • Townperson (Outside Auction Hall near Boar Fountain): /no

Box of Geodes, Thorin’s Hall: 1 – 3 Fall Fest Tokens

In Thorin’s Hall Inn there is a chest called a Box of Geodes. You can loot this for a random Geode which can be immediately traded with the nearby Barter Vendor. The geode you find will be worth 1, 2 or 3 Fall Festival Tokens.
Cooldown: 2 hours.

Pumpkin Patch Picking: Bree Festival Grounds: 1-3 Fall Fest Tokens

Same principle as the Box of Geoodes, but this time you pick from a pumpkin patch and receive a barter items to exchange for goodies as the vendor!
Cooldown: 2 hours.

The Scroll Chest Duillond: 1-3 Fall Fest Tokens

Near the Trickster for Duillond is a Scroll Chest which grants a barter item which you can exchange for Fall Festival Tokens at the vendor right next to it!
Cooldown: 2 hours.

Gaining Access to the Haunted Burrow

If you’re new to the LOTRO Fall Festival then, you can’t open up the quests in the Haunted Burrow straight away. To do that you need to pick up A Cellar Door Appears to begin a quest chain. In short, the story is that the Hobbits were going to install a fourth oven at the Party Tree, but uncovered a secret door. Your job is to gain access. Without recounting all the details, just follow the quest chain and enjoy prodding Lobelia Sackville-Baggins until she lets you in! Only once in does Lobelia realise there are no hidden treasures but “filth and corruption” – the Haunted Burrow!

Haunted Burrow Quests at Fall Festival

There are a lot of quests in the Haunted Burrow, but note you can only do one at once. Here are the quests, along with some useful links for you!

Things to be Aware of in the Haunted Burrow

  • Not all doors go anywhere: some put you back in the room you were trying to leave!
  • You can’t often go back through a door you just entered through.
  • There are various traps that you can’t avoid.
  • There is an entire wing of freebies! Head for the Mystery Door for 3 lootable chests. There is also one behind a moveable “wall” of barrels in the Basement. These chests have cooldowns before they can be re-looted. Check your buffs.
  • Have fun!

Map of the Haunted Burrow

I will just link this here – a very useful map of the Haunted Burrow for you to learn to navigate your way around! The map I used can be downloaded here. Other maps are available elsewhere on the web, so find one you like!

Haunted Burrow Deed

You can earn the “Burrower” title by completing all the deeds around the ghouls and ghosts! To clarify, in order to complete A Race Through the Haunted Burrow you have to first pick up A Stroll Through the Haunted Barrow from Poppy Cotton. (Click/tap the image to enlarge it).

The Great Hobbit Rescue – 3 Fall Fest Tokens

Quest: Find 6 Lost Hobbits
In the Haunted Burrow are six very lost, Very Scared Hobbits! You can see them on the map I linked, but here’s the rooms they are in and what they look like when you find them!
The Main Cellar (3 Hobbits)

Basement (1 Hobbit)
The Attic (1 Hobbit)
The Cobwebbed Wing (1 Hobbit)

Polo Puddifoot – Rattling in the Haunted Burrow (Attic)
3 Fall Fest Tokens

If you speak to this Hobbit at the entrance to the Burrow he recounts having encountered several scary creatures in there! He wants you to confront them all! The first one can be found in the Attic:

Pull the chain and the “scary creature” emerges! Fight the creature and discover it’s just a fancy-dressed Hobbit!

Polo Puddifoot – Roaring Maw in the Haunted Burrow (Cobwebbed Wing)
3 Fall Fest Tokens

This time Polo thinks he found a really hungry bear. Better lure it out with a jar of honey!

Oh no, we just shot, stabbed, clawed or yelled at a Hobbit again!

Polo Puddifoot – Wailing in the Haunted Burrow (Creeping Wing)
3 Fall Fest Tokens

Our not-so-brave Polo is convinced he saw “a real ghost” while in the Burrow! This time you need to find the candle to summon the ghost.

Valuables Gone Astray – 3 Fall Fest Tokens

Welcome to probably the most gross quest of the LOTRO Fall Festival! Holfast Burrows got so terrified that, in his escape from the Haunted Burrow, he lost several of his valuables in there! You are looking for

  • Button in the Attic
  • Pocket-watch in the Main Cellar
  • Glove in the Cobwebbed Wing
  • Ring in the Creeping Wing
  • Monocle in the Basement

You have to search various….things, for his items. From barrels of “meat”, to gurgling puddles to piles of bones! Thankfully, the items appear to be in the same place each time you run this, so feel free to use the screenshots below instead to minimise the awfulness!

3 Bonus Fall Festival Tokens

You can pick up 3 bonus tokens if you enter the Mystery Door from the Main Cellar. The Out-of-Place Lockbox, Stronghox and Chest each contain 1 Token. These can be looted every 2 hours per character.

A Race Through the Haunted Barrow (And the Stroll!)
3 Fall Fest Tokens Each

Poppy Cotton wants to see how quickly you can make it through the Haunted Barrow. To prove you’ve visited the main areas, you have to bring back a trophy! The are trophies are below. You need to complete a Stroll Through… (20 minutes) to unlock a Race Through… (4 Minutes) needed for the deed!

I don’t know if there’s a “perfect” route, but the quickest one I found is: Attic > Cobwebbed Wing > Creeping Wing > Basement.

Remember you have to have turned the quest in before the time runs out, not just make it out the Burrow! Here’s me doing this race to help you (and yes I make a couple of mistakes!)

Riddle in a Bottle – 3 Fall Fest Tokens

If you want a lot of detail about this quest then please use lotro-wiki. It’s another timed quest, so here is the correct bottle order!

  • Main Basement Riddle: Tree (White Bottle)
  • Cobwebbed Wing Riddle: Bee (Blue Bottle)
  • Creeping Wing: Paper (Orange Bottle)
  • Basement: Blue Bottle

Note: if you pick an incorrect drink you get a speed debuff AND you can be slowed by spiders/ghouls etc. If you pick the correct bottle you get a shield from being hampered by traps in the Burrow!

Fall Festival Rewards

As usual there are a lot of rewards, so I won’t cover them all, but just a few highlights!

Fall Festival Steeds / Mounts

For the 2017 Festival there are two steeds available for purchase with Festival Tokens: Steed of Eldar Autumn (60 Tokens) and the Steed of Gloaming Autumn (30 Tokens). A couple of angles of these steeds are below:

Cosmetic Pets

As per usual there are a couple of Kite ‘pets’ you can earn, but what not usual is that the Fall Festival includes two living pets!

  • Tome of the Gourd-Lurker
  • Tome of the Brown Bat

As these are delivered as tomes, you can earn them on one character and mail to another. And here are the Cosmetic Pets in all their glory!

Festival Dyes

You can obtain the following dyes at the Fall Festival:

  • Autumn Leaf Dye: 20 Tokens
  • Twilight Purple Dye: 20 Tokens

Cosmetic Outfit Rewards

Here is a small selection of the cosmetic outfits available at the 2017 LOTRO Fall Festival. See the Vendors around Middle Earth Festival hotspots to get outfitted!

TL;DR Come Enjoy the LOTRO Fall Festival 2017!

I will add the Bingo Boffin Questline at a later point, but there is a lot going on at the LOTRO Fall Festival!. You can earn a lot of tokens even without the Bingo Questline and there are many rewards to choose from. So get on down to the Party Tree and enjoy Harvestmath in LOTRO!

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