Mantle of the Forest-spirit
Fall Festival Cosmetic

The Mantle of the Forest-spirit is, by far, my most favourite piece of the whole set. And, I think it's simply because it's, well, simple. And my main character here always looks good in them.

That's my opinion and it's biased because it's my character. But I'm still correct!

Mantle of the Forest-spirit Description

The vast majority of the material for this cosmetic is black by default. I still can't quite figure out the texture, though. It's not totally smooth like silk, but it's pretty close.

The shoulder-covering is then edged in the gold borders found on other items in the set. Two circles that may be brooches to "pin" it to your top are found near each of your shoulders. Lastly you have a sort-of tassle edge that, thankfully, is not overdone.

How Well Does It Dye?

Here's my niggle. The wrong bit is dyable in my opinion - and I'm usually happy to use black in outfits.

Only the tassles and the two narrow borders take a dye - and weakly at that.

The black bit should have been dyable, but isn't. I will use it in my outfits regardless because black goes with anything.

Example Dye

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Mantle of the Forest-spirit Information

  • Festival/Event: Fall Festival
  • Price: 24 × Fall Festival Tokens Fall Festival Tokens
  • Set Name: Forest-spirit
  • Gear Slot: Shoulders
  • Category: Shoulder Wrap
  • Dyable: Limited

Items in this Set

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