Cloak of the Forest-spirit
Hooded and Unhooded | LOTRO Fall Festival

The Cloak of the Forest-spirit and its hooded counterpart (see below) sort of make that bridge between the Autumn and the Hallowe'en feel of Fall Festival. Here's why:

Cloak of the Forest-spirit Description

As you'll understand, once you've worn or seen the Mask of the Forest-spirit, the pattern down the cloak is based on the design of antlers. I can't help but think I've missed something in LOTRO, because often these themes are drawn from content or regions within the game.

Anyway most of the material is a sooty-grey colour. And while clearly in keeping with the autumn feel of the rest of the outfit, its jagged edges add to the slight spooky-weirdness of the spirit theme.

How Well Does It Dye?

Only the staff-like symbol down the middle of the cloak, and a few pattern pieces near your neck take the dye.

As with the other components of the 2023 Fall Fest outfit, whichever dye you use will be muted.

So, make sure you preview the different colours in the Dressing Room before applying them.

Cloak of the Forest-spirit Information

  • Festival/Event: Fall Festival
  • Price: 24 × Fall Festival Tokens Fall Festival Tokens
  • Set Name: Forest-spirit
  • Gear Slot: Back
  • Category: Cloak
  • Dyable: Limited

Hooded Cloak Of The Forest Spirit

Items in this Set

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