Zahar'ak Archer Location in FFXIV
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FFXIV Zahar'ak Archer - Grand Company Hunting Log Target

Common Misspellings/Typos

Zaharak ArcherZaha'rak Archer

The Zahar'ak Archer is another obviously-named Amalj'aa (I prefer it this way!). At least in Zahar'ak, the names don't change like they do in Zanr'ak. So long as you're beyond the gate, any lizardman with a bow is the right one.

Although part of a Tribal Quest, there is no fate including these mobs. Thankfully, there are more Archers here than you need. And, as Zahar'ak is a key location during A Realm Reborn, the respawn timers are short too.

Range of Coordinates

Although I've given some coordinates, they actually range from from (X:23.1, Y21.8) to (X:32.3, Y:19.5).

Relevant Grand Company Logs

Zahar'ak Archer Location Map

Location Info

  • Approximate Coordinates:
    X:23.1, Y21.8
  • Region/Area:
    Southern Thanalan: Zahar'ak
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    Southern Thanalan: Little Ala Mhigo

Need these at the same time as others?

Encountering other players near here is really easy. It can be too easy to get annoyed that you need your Hunting Log entry but are being stopped from doing it!

Instead, check all along the East-West path and the joining North-South one if other players are around.

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