FFXIV Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 4

FFXIV Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 4 Guide | FF14 CNJ Hunting Log

Our conflict as a White Mage or Conjurer continues as, once again, we’re forced to dispatch animals and sentients. Some aggressors I can understand, but you also have to take down some pretty-harmless black sheep as part of the FFXIV Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 4! Oh well, we have a job to do, so let’s get it done, shall we?

When Can I Start Rank 4?

You’ll have this part of your Conjurer Hunting Log unlocked once you meet the following requirements:

  1. You have cleared all of Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 3.
  2. You are at least Level 30.

Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 4 Targets

Reward: EXP 30,000
Conjurer 31
EXP 11,000

Conjurer 32
EXP 12,000

Conjurer 33
EXP 12,500

Conjurer 34
EXP 13,000

Conjurer 35
EXP 13,500

Conjurer 36
EXP 14,000

Conjurer 37
EXP 14,500

Conjurer 38
EXP 15,000

Conjurer 39
EXP 16,000

Conjurer 40
EXP 17,000

TL;DR From Karakul to Dragons, enjoy the Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 4!

Well, that was some journey wasn’t it? You’ve hit all of Eorzea and some of Coerthas too. And you had best get used to the snowy climes of Coerthas too, if this is your first character. You’ll be spending a lot time in and around here as you head towards Heavensward. Anyway, congrats on clearing Conjurer Hunting Log 4, and I’ll see you soon for number 5!

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