FFXIV Thaumaturge Hunting Log Rank 2

FFXIV Thaumaturge Hunting Log Rank 2 Guide - with Maps

Welcome to my FFXIV Thaumaturge Hunting Log Rank 2 Guide! It’s time to roam more of Thanalan as you grow in your ability to burn things with magicks! As usual, there’s a wide variety of enemies to tick off, along with different types of attacks from them too. So grab your brand or staff and let’s get casting.

What’s in the Log?

Here are all the targets as listed in your THM Log for Rank 2.

This guide will take them in the order of your log and I’ll help you focus on where you can clear the entries quickly. Here we go.

Thaumaturge Hunting Log Rank 2 Targets

Reward: EXP 10,000

Thaumaturge 11
EXP 2,300

Thaumaturge 12
EXP 3,200

Thaumaturge 13
EXP 4,000

Thaumaturge 14
EXP 4,500

Thaumaturge 15
EXP 5,000

Thaumaturge 16
EXP 5,300

Thaumaturge 17
EXP 5,500

Thaumaturge 18
EXP 5,700

Thaumaturge 19
EXP 5,900

Thaumaturge 20
EXP 6,100

Rank 2 Rewards

As well as the EXP for clearing each difficulty level, completion of Rank 2 nets you an additional EXP 10,000!

TL;DR – Thaumaturge Hunting Log Rank 2, Burn Brightly!

Thaumaturges take “burning brightly” in the name of a “Warrior of Light” a tad too literally! But at least you can earn rewards and hopefully bring a little bit of a reprieve to the locals as you do your good deed of slaughtering. If you don’t want to read, just use the maps above and you’ll still clear it fine. I just like talking about FFXIV sometimes! Enjoy!

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