FFXIV Thaumaturge Hunting Log Rank 3

FFXIV Thaumaturge Hunting Log Rank 3 - FF14

Ready to singe, sizzle and fry more enemies in the name of Hydaelyn? Or just in your own name, that’s fine too! This is my guide to the FFXIV Thaumaturge Hunting Log Rank 3. You’ll be visiting all three of Eorzea’s founding states and taking down Yarzon-after-yarzon-after-yarzon. So, I hope you’re ready. Let’s fizz and crackle on.

Thaumaturge Hunting Log Rank 3 Targets

Thaumaturge 21
EXP 6,300

Thaumaturge 22
EXP 6,500

Thaumaturge 23
EXP 6,700

Thaumaturge 24
EXP 6,900

Thaumaturge 25
EXP 7,100

Thaumaturge 26
EXP 7,600

Thaumaturge 27
EXP 8,600

Thaumaturge 28
EXP 9,400

Thaumaturge 29
EXP 9,700

Thaumaturge 30
EXP 10,000

Total EXP

  • EXP for Each Level: 78,800
  • EXP Clearing Rank 3: 20,000
  • TOTAL: EXP 98,800

TL;DR More Travel in the Thaumaturge Hunting Log Rank 3

Enjoy visiting different area now. If you’re doing clearing your Thaumaturge Hunting Log while questing on-level, this extra travel reflects the freedom you have to wander Eorzea in the story. Rank 3 faces you with many different creatures and fighting styles. As a Thaumaturge, remember to avoid damage first then deal it – some of these enemies hit hard. Have fun.

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