FFXIV Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 3

FFXIV Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 3 Guide - All Target Locations and Maps

If you followed my guide to the Log 2, then you’ll be relieved to hear that for the FFXIV Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 3 you visit many different places! There are a fair few targets in the Shroud, naturally but you also venture into Thanalan and end with a trip to the beach at the Costa del Sol. By that stage, you’ve earned your rest! So let’s get into Rank 3, shall we?

When Can I Start Rank 3?

You’ll have this part of your Conjurer Hunting Log unlocked once you meet the following requirements:

  1. You have cleared all of Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 2.
  2. You are at least Level 20.

The level requirement is not difficult to hit at all. Follow the MSQ, do some side-quests and clear your Hunting Logs and you’ll be well over 20.

Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 3 Targets

Reward: EXP 20,000

You have a really wide variety of enemies to take down for Rank 3. I would say “enjoy”, but killing things is only a necessity for a White Mage – which you may well be while clearing some of this log.

Many of these also overlap with other classes/jobs and, while you can find the individual targets using the search box, the actual hunting logs will follow later. I’m still adding enemies to the database. Anyhow, here you go!

Conjurer 21
EXP 6,300

Conjurer 22
EXP 6,500

Conjurer 23
EXP 6,700

Conjurer 24
EXP 6,900

Conjurer 25
EXP 7,100

Conjurer 26
EXP 7,600

Conjurer 27
EXP 8,600

Conjurer 28
EXP 9,400

Conjurer 29
EXP 9,700

Conjurer 30
EXP 10,000

DPS Hints from a Newbie Healer

Yeah, so I have levelled Conjurer three times to only Level 50, but I’ve never healed a human player. The most challenging thing I’ve done is to heal a Squadron Dungeon. However, on landscape, especially at this kind of level, DPS-ing as a Conjurer (or White Mage) can feel slow. Here are the tips from a newbie healer to you as you clear the Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 3.

  • Gear Up: Does your gear roughly match your level? If not, fix that. Especially the weapon. For 2-handed staves, Carpenters can craft them. 1-handed wands are the job of Alchemists, apparently!
  • Use Foods to increase your Mind stat.
  • Don’t Forget Your DoT: At this level, you only have the one damage-over-time, AeroExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) and apply it to all mobs you’re attacking. Sadly you don’t get any AoE attacks until Level 45.
  • If you are Level 30: If you’ve cleared Normal Quest My Feisty Little Chocobo, Set your Chocobo to Tank or DPS stance. Once they’ve leveled enough to unlock them, anyway. You need at least the first trait selected in each line to unlock it. But this means some of the aggro is taken from you and/or more damage is being dealt.

Total EXP Available

  • Total EXP for All Levels: EXP 78,800
  • EXP Clearing Rank 3: EXP 20,000
  • TOTAL: EXP 98,800

Note, this excludes any EXP gained for defeating the individual enemies.

When Can I Start Hunting Log Rank 4?


  1. You have cleared Rank 3, and
  2. You reach at least Level 30 as a Conjurer, or are a White Mage of at least Level 30.

TL;DR Pretend to be a DPS and Clear Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 3!

Hopefully you will have found rank 3 much more interesting than rank 2. But as with the other logs, there is a shedton of EXP EXP available for clearing it. And, hopefully with the few tips I can give, you’ll enjoy working through your hunting log as you also quest on in Final Fantasy XXIV. May You Walk in the Light of the Crystal, Adventurer.

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