FFXIV Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 2
Keep Huntin' for Bonus EXP!

Welcome to the next in my series, this time covering the Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 2 in FFXIV. As you level, make sure to tick these targets off as the Hunting Log is a great source of extra EXP on top of the MSQ. This time around you have a selection of animal, voidsent, undead and your first (not undead) humanoid targets. Some you may simply come across while running the MSQ, others maybe not. In all cases I’ll give you a map to show where to tick off each target. As before, I will not be giving you every possible location, but one where you can clear the entry quickly. Let’s get to it.

Have You Cleared Rank 1?

If you have not cleared Gladiator Rank 1, please go ahead and do that now. You won’t be able to start Rank 2 until that is cleared.

Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 2 Targets

You will need to defeat three of each type to tick it off the list. There are 12 Types as a couple of levels have two different enemy classifications. Here we go!

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Gladiator 11
Reward: ffxiv-xp 2,300 EXP


Bomb Location

These floating, explosive…things have some nasty AoEs up their non-existent sleeves. Either run away or interrupt them. You can find Bombs in Western Thanalan near the entrance to Copperbell Mines.

That said, if you started the MSQ in Ul’dah, then you will be sent to Copperbell Mines anyway, so you can just clear them out while you queue for the dungeon! Copper Coblyns also wander around here.

Nearest Aetheryte

Western Thanalan: Horizon

Copper Coblyn

Copper Coblyn Location

Coblyns are a bit freaky, if I’m honest – a giant jaw, with googly eyes and with a body of rocks – oh, and squid-like legs. They’re made of different metals as you venture around Eorzea.

Copper Coblyns can be found near Copperbell Mines, who would have thought?! Bombs are also floating around just waiting to explode all over you.

Nearest Aetheryte

Western Thanalan: Horizon

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Gladiator 12
Reward: ffxiv-xp 3,200 EXP

Cochineal Cactuar

Cochineal Cactuar Location

A relative of the Rank 1 Cactuar is the Cochineal variety. Naturally I had to see what that word meant! Apparently. you can make a red dye from the Cochineal bugs that feed on Cactiexlink. Well in the non-game world anyway. Thankfully you can use Red Pigmentexlink in FFXIV!

Anyway, Cochineal Cactuar can be found South West of Black Brush Station. The marker on the following map matches the earlier screenshot. There, conveniently, are three Cactuar just waiting to have their bugs spilled all over. Enjoy that thought.

Nearest Aetheryte

Central Thanalan: Black Brush Station

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Gladiator 13
Reward: ffxiv-xp 4,000 EXP

Quiveron Guard

Quiveron Guard Location

This is the first time you have had to take down a humanoid enemy. Well, three of them. The Quiveron Guards are a group of Lalafellin criminals thought to be behind certain ore being stolen. As I think that’s part of the MSQ that starts in Ul’dah I’ll say no more.

You can find these in Central Thanalan at the not-at-all-obviously-named Quiveron Manse around X: 30.4, Y: 21.9. This is South-East of Black Brush Station.

Nearest Aetheryte

Central Thanalan: Black Brush Station

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Gladiator 14
Reward: ffxiv-xp 4,500 EXP

Giant Tortoise

Giant Tortoise Location

Right, unlike most items on your Hunting Log so far, you won’t find a nice neat pack of two or three of these in one place. The Giant Tortoise roams alone, or at least a comfortable distance from another.

You can clear all three Giant Tortoises either in Central or Western Thanalan. In both cases, you need not stray far from Ul’dah. If you choose Central Thanalan, I found two near each other just around the walls of the city, hence writing “2” on a map dot.

Two Giant Tortoises near the wall of Ul'dah in Central Thanalan
“I’ll be near you, just don’t look at me!”

Nearest Aetheryte

Ul’dah: Steps of Nald

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Gladiator 15
Reward: ffxiv-xp 5,000 EXP


FFXIV Thickshell - Western Thanalan - Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 2 Target

Thickshell Location

I bet you can’t guess how strong a shell this blue crab has, can you? Answer: not thick enough to stop you ticking Thickshell from your Gladiator Hunting Log!

There are plenty of these on the map. Head West from Horizon, and before you hit the tunnel leading to Vesper bay, turn left/South West. This is in the direction of Crescent Cove. Just an FYI – if you’re even vaguely on-level there are also the hyper-aggressive Arbor Buzzards flying around. So you may have to fend off a few of those while you collect your Thickshells. Nothing a trainee Gladiator Tank can’t handle though!

Nearest Aetheryte

Western Thanalan: Horizon

Nearby FATE

Bubble Troubleexlink

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Gladiator 16
Reward: ffxiv-xp 5,300 EXP


Scaphite Location

Scaphites are a relative of the Uragniteexlink creatures.

They can be found in the water in the Footfalls between Horizon and Vesper Bay. If you’re doing the MSQ roughly on-level and you’ve cleared Rank 1, then the MSQ quest Compulsory Cateringexlink will clear the Scaphite part of your Hunting Log. Presuming you run it as a Gladiator of course!

Nearest Aetheryte

Western Thanalan: Horizon

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Gladiator 17
Reward: ffxiv-xp 5,500 EXP


Tuco-Tuco Location

These little critters seem to be a cross between a giant mole and a porcupine. A molecupine? No, that’s why I’m happy FFXIV have been inventive and called them Tuco-Tuco!

You can find quite a few of these in the far West of Eastern Thanalan, just before you hit the exit that takes you to Central Thanalan.

Nearest Aetheryte

Eastern Thanalan: Camp Drybone

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Gladiator 18
Reward: ffxiv-xp 5,700 EXP

Myotragus Billy

Myotragus Billy Location

These ginormous goats roam Eastern Thanalan just outside Camp Drybone. While there is the occasional single Myotragus Billy, normally they are found near Mytragus Nannies. Incidentally, if you’re also leveling the Leatherworker crafting job, this is probably the best place to farm for goat skins. And the mining spot for the Alumen you need to make Goat Leather is also around here.

Nearest Aetheryte

Eastern Thanalan: Camp Drybone

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Gladiator 19
Reward: ffxiv-xp 5,900 EXP

Vandalous Imp

Vandalous Imp Location

Now the MSQ absolutely brings you here, regardless of which City-State you began your FFXIV adventure. But naturally, those clearing the Gladiator Hunting Logs aren’t just those at the lower end of the MSQ.

Vandalous Imps can be found on the route to the Invisible City in Eastern Thanalan. Rotting Nobles can be found inside the walls of the Invisible City.

Nearest Aetheryte

Eastern Thanalan: Camp Drybone

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Gladiator 20
Reward: ffxiv-xp 6,100 EXP

Rotting Noble

Rotting Noble Location

Once you have dispatched Vandalous Imps, continue North and enter the Invisible City.

There are other delightful Rotting Corpses here, but you want the Rotting Noble enemies. These are the Thaumaturge Casters, not Lancers.

Nearest Aetheryte

Eastern Thanalan: Camp Drybone

Bloated Bogy

Bloated Bogy Location

When I was growing up “bogy” meant something completely different! Apparently in FFXIV, Bogies are akin to restless spirits. So, while you clear another Hunting Log entry, you’re really just ushering them into the next life – killing them is doing them a favour!

You’ll find your Bloated Bogy in a tunnel full of the things between Vesper Bay and Cape Westwind in Western Thanalan.

Nearest Aetheryte

Western Thanalan: Horizon

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Total EXP Available

Here is the “raw” XP you earn for clearing Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 2. This excludes EXP gained for defeating each foe and any bonuses relating to that (like food, FC buffs etc).

  • ffxiv-xp 47,500:for all 10 Levels
  • ffxiv-xp 10,000: for clearing Rank 2
  • ffxiv-xp 57,500 Total EXP

TL;DR Clobber More Things and Clear Gladiator Hunting Log Rank 2!

And that’s another page of your FFXIV Gladiator Hunting Log cleared! Rank 2 presents you with quite a wide variety of targets from more walking cacti to the undead. As with Rank 1, I haven’t provided all locations, but I’ve tried to make it as quick and painless for you. And quick, but painful for your enemies. So, go forth Warrior of Light and slaughter more things in the name of freedom!

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