FFXIV Archer Hunting Log Rank 2 Guide

FFXIV Archer Hunting Log Rank 2 Guide - FF14 Bard Hunting Log

Well, hey again if you play Final Fantasy XIV. It’s taken me a bit to actually focus, but here is the FFXIV Archer Hunting Log Rank 2 Guide. As with all of the logs in these series, my focus is to help you clear the level as quickly and easily as possible. As such, not every single location of any one enemy is pinpointed – just enough to keep you moving. As an Archer or Bard, that is how you like to fight and live, right? So without dawdling around any more, here are your Rank 2 targets.

When Can I Start Rank 2?

When you

  1. Have Cleared Archer Rank 1
  2. Are at least Level 10 as an Archer

Archer Hunting Log Rank 2 Targets

Reward: EXP 10,000

Archer 11
EXP 2,300

Archer 12
EXP 3,200

Archer 13
EXP 4,000

Archer 14
EXP 4,500

Archer 15
EXP 5,000

Archer 16
EXP 5,300

Archer 17
EXP 5,500

Archer 18
EXP 5,700

Archer 19
EXP 5,900

Archer 20
EXP 6,100

Total EXP Available

  • EXP from Log Entries: EXP 47,500
  • EXP for Clearing Rank 2: EXP 10,000
  • Total EXP: EXP 57,500

When Can I Start Hunting Log Rank 3?


  1. You have cleared Rank 2, and
  2. Reach at least Level 20 as an Archer.

TL;DR Broaden Your Horizons with the Archer Hunting Log Rank 2

You’re mostly based in the Central and East Shroud with this one, but you begin to foray into the South Shroud. Whether it’s for food, to protect the Twelveswood, or some other weird reason, you’ve taken out a bunch of creatures and the odd sentient here or there. I’m sure it’s for the greater good. Hopefully. Anyway, I hope this Archer Hunting Log Rank 2 guide was helpful for you. Some of Rank 3 has already been done, so I’ll see you soonish for that!

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