FFXIV Archer Hunting Log Rank 1
String Your Bow and Start Hunting

FFXIV Archer Hunting Log Rank 1 Guide - All Enemy Mob locations and Maps

Welcome to the start of the next class of Hunting Log Guides I’m creating! In the FFXIV Archer Hunting Log Rank 1, I’ll take you through where to find your targets. If your character’s origin story starts in Gridania, I’ve also pointed out where you may not need to purposefully seek them out. It’s my aim to make it as quick and simple as possible for you. So, fledgling Archer, let’s show you which direction to let your arrows fly.

My First Bow

Before we get started, if it available to you, make sure you’ve picked up the quest My First Bow. That’s because Little Lady Bugs, Ground Squirrels and Forest Funguars are your quest targets as well as in your log.

Archer Hunting Log Rank 1 Targets

Reward: EXP 2,500

Archer 01
EXP 75

Archer 02
EXP 180

Archer 03
EXP 360

Archer 04
EXP 410

Archer 05
EXP 530

Archer 06
EXP 980

Archer 07
EXP 1,100

Archer 08
EXP 1,300

Archer 09
EXP 1,600

Archer 10
EXP 1,700

Total EXP Available

  • EXP from Log Entries: EXP 8,235
  • EXP for Clearing Rank 1: EXP 2,500
  • Total EXP: EXP 10,735

When Can I Start Hunting Log Rank 2?


  1. You have cleared Rank 1, and
  2. Reach at least Level 10 as an Archer.

TL;DR Clear the Archer Hunting Log Rank 1 Quickly and Easily

Getting to grips with the fairly simple archery skill is made even easier through practice. A ground-breaking discovery, I am sure you’ll agree! The FFXIV Archer Hunting Log Rank 1 aims to do just that. With easy EXP EXP, the logs are a great way to contribute towards levelling, especially in the levels that are pre-dungeons. I have started Rank 2 but it’s not ready yet. I’ll update this once it is. Happy Hunting!

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