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FFXIV Antelope Doe - Hunting Log Rank 2 Target

Antelope Does are really gentle and sweet-looking. When I was doing the photoshoot for the Hunting Logs, I even noticed that they had a sort of smile going on. It's a shame you're not given a reason these creatures have to be killed, especially in the Twelveswood. "Balancing nature" is about the only excuse I could think of. The group in the nearby map is out towards Buscarron's Scar, heading towards the Central Shroud exit.

Location Map

Location Info

  • Approximate Coordinates:
    X15, Y:18
  • Region/Area:
    South Shroud: Upper Paths
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    South Shroud: Quarrymill

More Antelope Does

There is another group of Does South of Buscarron's. I've included another mini-map for you. One dot may be one or two Does, also.

Here are the approximate coordinates:

  • X:17.2, Y:21.4
  • X:17.2, Y:22.9
  • X:17.9, Y:23.7

Stags and Does

In case you're also hunting Antelope Stags, apart from during the FFXIV Fate FATE Stag Parting, Stags and Does are found in different parts of the South Shroud.

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