Raptor Poacher Location in FFXIV
Hunting Log Rank 2

FFXIV Raptor Poacher - Hunting Log Rank 2 Target

The Raptor Poacher Miqo'te are in the same location as the Wolf Poachers in the East Shroud. Leaving aside the distinct lack of any Raptor species in the area...your targets are the spear wielders. Though if you're roughly on-level, try to only pick a fight with a few of them at a time - aggroing the whole group is far too easy!

WHere are Raptor Poachers?

If you look on the East Shroud map, and go directly South from the word "Ivies", you'll soon come across all the Miqo'te poachers.

PS: Excuse the poor, fuzzy screenshot. I'll get that fixed.

Raptor Poacher Location Map

Location Info

  • Approximate Coordinates:
    X:19.7, Y:30
  • Region/Area:
    East Shroud: Nine Ivies
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    East Shroud: The Hawthorn Hut

Nearby Targets

As you can see from the screenshot of the Raptor Poacher, Lemurs are not far away. In fact, they're right there! Thankfully, they are not aggressive by default. So you can clear the Poachers without unwanted attention.

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