LOTRO The Ruins of Bree-land Deed Guide and Map

LOTRO - The Ruins of Bree-land Deed Guide and Map

Much as with the History of the Dúnedain Deed, Bree-land still has some remnant walls and towers from previous kingdoms. Some of these relate to Dúnedain heritage. So, enjoy exploring Bree-land’s past with this guide to the Ruins of Bree-land Deed. I’ve also linked up other nearby deed objectives, including likely slayer deed targets. Let’s explore those ruins!

Ruins of Bree-land Locations

1. Bronwe’s Folly

Map Coordinates: 26.8S, 48.0W

If your chosen race starts their story at Archet, you will quickly encounter Bronwe’s Folly. However it won’t count towards the Ruins of Bree-land deed until after the burning of Archet.

This ruin is potentially from an old defence against Angmar.
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Nearby Objectives

  • Brigand Slayer: any Blackwolds in the area count towards this deed.

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2. Hillshire Ruins

Map Coordinates: 27.8S, 58.7W

The Hillshire Ruins can be found in the Brandy Hills, just West of the Southern Bree-fields. By the way, if you need Medium Hides, the bears around here might “help” you with that.

It is all that’s left of an old town, funnily enough, called Hillshire. Who would’ve thought?
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Nearby Objectives

  • Brigand Slayer: The Southern Bree-fields and the area surrounding it is rich in criminal types. Kill them, you know, for freedom. Bree Jail is full.
  • The Old Forest: One of the entrances to the Old Forest is just South of Hillshire Ruins. Take a look at the Old Forest Exploration Deed.

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3. Old Greenway Fort

Map Coordinates: 24.0S, 53.1W

Old Greenway Fort stands just off the road near the Northern Bree-fields, as you head towards the North Downs.

Here you will find the Ranger Andreg, who has various quests aimed at pushing back Orcs coming from the North Downs to invade Bree-land.

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Nearby Objectives

  • Orc Slayer: Keep heading North and you’ll come across an Orc camp. A larger complex can be found North-West of Old Greenway Fort. If we kill humans for theft, don’t imagine how we deal with Orcs!

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4. Blackwolds Roost

Map Coordinates: 26.7S, 46.4W

Blackwold’s Roost is in Archet Dale and is the first Blackwold stronghold you’ll encounter if you start your Epic story at Archet. As with Bronwe’s Folly, however, you won’t officially “discover” it until after the burning of Archet.

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Nearby Objectives

  • Brigand Slayer: Cleanse the Arnorian ruin and purge the Blackwolds from this location.
  • The Ruins of Bree-land: Bronwe’s Folly
  • History of the Dúnedain: Ancient Cairn

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5. Blackwold Headquarters

Map Coordinates: 26.6S, 44.4W

If you thought Blackwold’s Roost was big, it’s nothing compared to Blackwold Headquarters. But this HQ sits way too close to Archet for comfort, so maybe you could “thin the numbers”, “take a few of the rascals out”. Or another word meaning “kill”.

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Nearby Objectives

  • Brigand Slayer: Have yourself a good “bounty hunting” spree. You can get 15 LOTRO points for “defeating” a relatively small number of these people. Life is cheap, yes?
  • Spider Slayer: Although there are not that many, just South of Blackwold Headquarters you can find a bunch of spiders. Go further South into Midgewater Marsh and there are many more.
  • The Ruins of Bree-land: Woodsedge Ruins
  • History of the Dúnedain: Ancient Obelisk

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6. Woodsedge Ruins

Map Coordinates: 29.4S, 45.9W

Woodsedge Ruins sits at the North end of Midgewater Marsh. It can easily be reached from Chetwood North, despite the hills the map implies. The area is infested with spiders, so – happy hunting! I mean, erm, “deeding”.

Not much is said about this ruin, but not all remnants of past civilisations have recorded history.
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Nearby Objectives

  • History of the Dúnedain: Ancient Obelisk. See that big pointy thing? Yeah, that. Don’t forget to interact with it while at Woodsedge Ruins. I have numerous times.
  • Spider Slayer: Spiders can be found in larger numbers here and at Woodsedge Ruins.
  • Sicklefly Slayer: not so much directly here, but further into the marshes and around its edge you can find the pesky Sickleflies.
  • Neeker-breeker Slayer: Although you can find Neekers en route to the Vale of Andrath, there are plenty in Midgewater Marsh too.

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7. Ost Baranor

Map Coordinates: 33.3S, 48.4W

Ost Baranor can be found by taking the road from Bree’s South Gate. It located in the deceptively pretty Chetwood South. If memory serves you get to take out one of the Brigand leaders here.

Ost Baranor used to be home to an important part of the North Kingdom, now overrun by criminal types.
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Nearby Objectives

  • History of the Dúnedain: Dúnedain Statue.
  • Brigand Slayer: You’ve probably clearly Brigand Slayer by the time you reach Ost Baranor. But a few more wouldn’t hurt? Well, it wouldn’t hurt you, which is what matters, right?

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8. Marshwater Fort

Map Coordinates: 30.9S, 44.6W

Marshwater Fort sits almost in the centre of Midgewater Marsh and is also spider-infested. If you began the Epic in Archet then you will be passing through here in the pursuit of a Ranger called Amdir. A spider pops in for a friendly chat.

Nothing is said about the origin of the fort. However it is thought to be currently used by the Rangers.
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Nearby Objectives

  • History of the Dúnedain: Dúnedain Statue.
  • Spider Slayer: There are plenty of the eight-legged fiends inside and outside the Fort’s walls. Burn them all.
  • Sicklefly Slayer: Just your friendly reminder that you need a bunch of the buzzing nasties. In Bree-land, these are only found in and near Midgewater Marsh.

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9. Goblinhold Ruins

Map Coordinates: 33.1S, 42.9W

Bet you can’t guess what kinds of being inhabit Goblinhole Ruins? Ladybirds and butterflies, obviously. Sadly there’s no Goblin-slayer in Bree-land. This ruin is at the South end of Midgewater Marsh. Watch out for Goblin Sappers here. Oh and don’t stray too far East else you could end up in the Lone-lands with higher-level goblins than you’re ready for.

Goblinhole Ruins technically includes their own camp area, not just the obvious old walls and pillars.
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Nearby Objectives

  • Sicklefly Slayer: I’ll double-check this soon, but I think you can find some Sickleflies near here.

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10. South-guard Ruins

Map Coordinates: 35.7S, 51.5W

South-guard Ruins was a complex built to, wait for it, guard the South! And the lazy brigands, who don’t want to use their ill-gotten gains to build their own place, inhabit here too. Only this time they have some lovely half-orcs living with them. Delightful.

The foes here have blocked off the route to Minhiriath. No, you shall not pass. See what I did there?
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Nearby Objectives

  • Brigand Slayer: Attack is the best form of defence, right? Just don’t tell the Guardians. Oh right, yes, more Brigands here. Half-Orcs may do brigand-ish things, but are not, in fact, brigands. Take a bunch out anyway, better safe than sorry.
  • Barrow-Downs: So long as you’re at least L18 (though I’d suggest higher) you can reach the Barrow-Downs via Dead Man’s Perch, just North West of South-guard Ruins.

Deed Map

Here’s the map that covers both The Ruins of Bree-land and the History of the Dúnedain Deed. This is because some locations tick items from both these exploration deeds.

Deed Rewards

Once you’ve explored all ten locations you will be awarded:

  • LOTRO Points: 5
  • Marks: 30
  • Men of Bree Reputation: 500
  • Virtue XP: 2,000
Rewards for completing the LOTRO Ruins of Bree-land Deed

TL;DR The Ruins of Bree-land Deed – Unearth Some Middle-Earth History

Deeding for LOTRO points is good. But try to enjoy the history you’re unearthing in the process. Read the tooltip text. Then go read The Silmarillion as many of the references come from lore pertaining to eras covered in that book. Things like The Ruins of Bree-land remind us, we are only where we are now because of what has gone before. Deed responsibily, folks.

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