Summer Concert Cap
2023 Midsummer Festival Cosmetic

I'm trying to wrack my brain - tired though it is - because the Summer Concert Cap reminds me of a much-simpler piece in LOTRO. Anyway, with the bright cosmetics and instrument-laden Summer Concert Steed, there is a distinctly minstrel feeling this year!

And minstrels were often known for their unusual attire, at least I think that's right.

Be Unusual with the Summer Concert Cap!

It's weird how sometimes a LOTRO Cosmetic doesn't suit most of my characters, then a Hobbit steps up and it's all great again! I think that's true of the tunic and this cap too.

Just bear in mind, if your character has long-ish hair, you will get the "stiff ponytail" look. See below.

How Well Does It Dye?

Half-and-half. Almost literally! Wherever there is blue on the original cap, that is the colour you can change. On the plus side you don't have to choose a colour to complement blue. On the downside, you can't cover up the pale brown if you want to!

Beauty and the Beholder and all that.

Summer Concert Cap Information

  • Festival/Event: Midsummer Festival
  • Price: 10 × Midsummer Tokens Midsummer Tokens
  • Set Name: Summer Concert
  • Gear Slot: Head
  • Category: Hat
  • Dyable: Yes

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