Tunic of Entwining Blossoms
LOTRO Midsummer Upper Body Cosmetic

What grabs me about the tunic of this set is the wrapped vines down the sleeves - a lovely touch on a part of an upper body piece that is often overlooked. With a high collar and in-built trousers, the Tunic of Entwining Blossoms is, I think, my favourite piece from the 2021 Midsummer Festival.


Thanks to @Mordhyrgm for the image of the Dwarf below. I have a Dwarf of my own now - at a very low level, but for Midsummer that's safe!

Tunic of Entwining Blossoms Information

  • Festival/Event: Midsummer Festival
  • Price: 10 × Midsummer Tokens Midsummer Tokens
  • Set Name: Entwining Blossoms
  • Gear Slot: Upper-body
  • Category: Tunic

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