Summer Concert Boots
2023 Midsummer Festival Cosmetic

For ages I was convinced LOTRO was led by Hobbits, as footwear was frequently missed from festival sets! But, voilà, Summer Concert Boots for the 2023 Midsummer Festival. And they're pretty darned stylish too, in my very humble opinion.

Concert Boots Description

Whether the yellow dots are simple flowers (as the Summer Concert Cloak has detailed ones), or yellow fireflies hovering over grass, the pattern is not overdone. The material looks to be something like suede, and fits comfortably around your feet.

A small heel completes the look and they will be a permanent feature in my Wardrobe. I always struggle with getting footwear right in outfits somehow!

How Well Do the Dye?

Uhm, they don't. Well, not really. The tiny cord just under the fold is all I've spotted so far.

So, unless you have a reason to match absolutely everything, it probably isn't necessary to dye these boots. I'm quite happy with how they are, thankfully!

Summer Concert Boots Information

  • Festival/Event: Midsummer Festival
  • Price: 10 × Midsummer Tokens Midsummer Tokens
  • Set Name: Summer Concert
  • Gear Slot: Feet
  • Category: Boots
  • Dyable: Limited

Different Races

Items in this Set

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