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LOTRO Ill Omens Pets - Cosmetic Pets from the Skirmish Event

The latest addition to my LOTRO Festival Pets database are those from Ill Omens.

What is Ill Omens?

It is a Skirmish-based event, in much the same way as the Treasure Bugan Event. You partake in relevant Skirmishes during the event period and, during them, a Harbinger of the Dead may appear. Defeating these contributes to a daily and gaining Tokens of Ill Omens Tokens of Ill Omens.Once you have enough you can barter for some Ill Omens pets, huzzah!

Ill Omens Guide

For a full round-up of the event, how to get involved and earn your tokens, head to my Ill Omens guide. LOTRO Ill Omens Skirmish Event Guide

Pets from the Ill Omens Event

With that summarised, then it will come as no surprise that you need to earn Tokens of Ill Omens tokens to buy cosmetic pets. And anything else that takes your fancy. So, here they are, in alphabetical order so you can find the ones you’re searching for more easily.

Thank You, LOTRO Community

I aim to earn more of these myself so I can take new screenshots. For now, my thanks to @LiaD1979 and @valkyrique for providing most of them last year.

Pets List

Get Your Creepy Ill Omens Pets While You Can

Ill Omens only runs once a year – and has skipped a year. So it’s not guaranteed to return next year, for example. If any of these grab your attention, fit some Skirmishes into your pattern while the event is on.
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