Ill Omened Crawler
LOTRO Ill Omens Event Pet

Ill Omened Crawler Pet Description

While I said the Ill Omened Beast could be cute, the same categorically cannot be said of the Ill Omened Crawler.

I called it a "monstrocity" on Twitter and I stick by that description! But I also stand by the statement that it is a totally right fit for an event called Ill Omens.

The Ill Omened Crawler is larger than the average one you might encounter on the landscape. But it has an almost serpentine head. And it sticks to...almost anything. Some pets might balance on this rock, but not the crawler.

If huge, gross things are your cup of tea... don't put it in your tea. But exchange Tokens of Ill Omens×40 and add it to your collection.

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