Ill Omened Hound
A LOTRO Ill Omens Pet

Ill Omened Hound Pet Description

The cheery Ill Omened Hound comes fitted with deep red eyes and amazingly-white teeth. Okay, that was too positive. This completely terrifying pet is one to take with you to scare your enemies witless before you, or it, strikes them down! Better?

According to this screenshot, it's claws can cut through books, apparently.

Last year, I used dualboxing to take a picture of it...and a conversation between sisters:

How to Obtain this Pet

If "pet" is the right word for a creature that could tear your hands off because it got mildly annoyed. Unsurprisingly, you can barter Tokens of Ill Omens×40 for it during the Ill Omens Skirmish Event.

Extra Details

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