Ill Omened Jackal
2024 Ill Omens Skirmish Event Pet

Ill Omened Jackal Pet Description

The Ill Omened Jackal totally surprised me - in a good way!

Jackal Description

It is a beautiful, but stern, long-eared wolf, which meant I hadn't got the right idea of what a real jackal looked like in my head. I thought they were more scrawny scavengers.

But I was wrong. Jackals hunt as well as take advantage of others' prey. But they are both predator and prey in the food chain, with eagles and hyenas being two creatures that hunt them.

Yes, Jackals Howl. Well, Squeal.

Jackals, I've discovered, have a horrible-sounding "call". Play the video at your own risk! LOTRO's Ill Omened version uses the regular "Wolf Howl".

Honestly, I'm glad they didn't choose to mirror this particular aspect of nature!

Jackal Calls Video On Youtube
Play this video
Jackal Calls Video On Youtube
LOTRO's Ill Omened version howls (but you could be forgiven for seeing this as a wolf pet)
The LOTRO version howls every so often.

This is actually a lovely pet to have hanging around you. Unlike other LOTRO Pets, like from Ill Omens or Fall Fest, there's nothing sinister about it. Enjoy!

Extra Details

  • Festival/Event: Ill Omens
  • Species: Wolf
  • Year Introduced: 2024
  • Price: Tokens of Ill Omens × 40 Tokens of Ill Omens
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